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Canada Post E-Commerce Innovation Awards

September 12, 2018

Canadian Down & Feather Company is a Finalist for the 2018 Canada Post E-Commerce Innovation Awards. Canada Post recognizes Canadian e-commerce companies contributing to their respective industries in fresh and inventive ways, propelling the Canadian retail landscape into the future.

Canadian Down & Feather Company is a Finalist for the Pure Play of the Year (small) Award. This category is for retailers who operate an online store, but not a physical store. The award will be given to a retailer that shows its shopping experience is both engaging and effective.

  • To be engaging, the retailer must provide an experience that keeps customers coming back, whether that is through innovative design, compelling content, unique features, and/or some other exciting aspect.
  • AND
  • To be effective, the retailer must execute its promise of easy navigation, convenience, top-notch customer service, and a hassle-free fulfillment and returns experience.

We would like to thank Canada Post for their partnership over the years, which has been critical in helping us deliver comfort and great sleep to our customers coast-to-coast-to-coast. We are passionate about challenging the norms in our industry to provide a superior customer experience, and we’re grateful for Canada Post’s recognition and support of this endeavour.

We would also like to thank you, our valued customer, for your continual support, engagement and feedback, without which our growth would not be possible.

The winners of the Canada Post E-Commerce Innovation Awards will be announced Thursday, September 20th, 2018. Check out the full list of nominees here.

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