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Selecting a Duvet Cover

November 02, 2016 2 Comments

If you’ve ever browsed through duvet covers online, you know the astounding variety of options available. You can style your duvet in endless ways – from calming neutrals to bold geometric patterns; bohemian prints to novelty themes (Slothzilla, anyone?) But is buying a duvet cover as simple as selecting a style that matches your bedroom (and personality?)  What other factors should you consider?

We’ve got you (and your duvet) covered with this quick buying guide:


Unfortunately, there is no international standard sizing for duvet inserts and covers. It is important to compare the dimensions of the cover with the dimensions of your duvet. The duvet will buckle and wrinkle if its cover is too small, and may swim around in a very large cover. A duvet cover should be 1-2” larger than your duvet insert on all sides. For example, if your duvet insert measures 64” x 86”, the cover should be no larger than 68” x 90”, after washing. Unless the duvet cover is pre-washed, you should consider shrinkage. You can expect your duvet cover to shrink 1-3% after the first wash. 100% cotton covers will shrink more than cotton blends, and the lower the thread count of the cover, the more shrinkage you can expect.

Care & Maintenance

Are you looking for a duvet cover that can be easily thrown in the wash with the rest of your bedding? Check the care instructions on the cover to avoid having to wash it separately or bring it to the dry cleaner's. 100% cotton duvet covers may be wrinkly after washing. If you want a cover you won’t have to iron, opt for a cotton blend.

Frequency of Use

Will you use the same duvet cover all year? If so, choose a cotton cover for ideal sleeping temperatures year-round. Invest in a high-quality cover (like Egyptian cotton) that will last through extensive wear and many washings. Look for a neutral solid or a very small pattern that reads like a solid for a classic look that won’t go out of style.

If you prefer to change up your duvet cover every few months for a new look, you can be more adventurous with the style and pattern. Consider purchasing covers with seasonal fabrics. A velvet or flannel duvet cover is cozy for the winter, while a light, breathable linen cover works well in the summer.

For duvet cover inspiration and other bedroom décor ideas, check us out on Pinterest:


2 Responses

Canadian Down & Feather Company
Canadian Down & Feather Company

February 25, 2020

Hi Alex, Thank you so much for your order! :) The dimensions of our products are listed in a few places around the site. Each product page has dimensions listed on the ‘Specifications’ tab (under the images, next to ‘Description’). We also have a dedicated page for dimensions at this link: This Standard Dimensions page is listed under the FAQ menu on the top menu bar. Finally, we address product dimensions in our Help Center, which is also in the FAQ menu! I hope this helps :) We specialize in down and feather products, so all of our resources are dedicated to that. There are many, many sellers of duvet covers around the web and most major department stores carry them. For personalized help finding one, you can reach us by phone, email or live chat! :)

Alex Ryer
Alex Ryer

February 25, 2020

why don’t you list dimensions of duvet inserts. How am I supposed to buy a duvet cover that fits? BTW, if you aren’t going to make or sell duvet covers, you should at least link to a supplier that you recommend (with dimensions). Your narrowly defined products look great (and I just purchased) but you should vertically integrate a bit to make the customer experience easier. i.e. I would have bought a duvet cover from you even if you were just reselling with a markup.

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