Buying Pillows Online

Posted on June 08, 2021 by Heather Walker | 34 Comments

While more convenient, shopping from home can be daunting. How can you select a pillow without having felt it? How do you know which pillow will give you a great night’s sleep and which will leave you full of neck pain and regret? Here are some tips for buying pillows online.

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Thanksgiving Hosting Guide

Posted on October 01, 2019 by Heather Walker | 0 Comments

Bed surrounded by pumpkin pie, turkey and leaves

So you’ve offered to host Thanksgiving at your place. You’ve pored over recipes and planned a delicious meal. You’ve made oh-so-pretty place cards and centerpieces. You’ve picked a playlist and are preparing for the pre-hosting deep clean of the house. But have you considered bedding for your guests? Whether you’re hosting out-of-towners or want to give local guests a place to crash after sipping on a festive cocktail, take a peek at our hosting guide.

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