Reasons To Buy: Throw Cushions

May 01, 2019

Thesis: You need more throw cushions.

I’m here as your trusted enabler for your decorative cushion dependency.


  1. Buying new cushion inserts and covers habitually will keep things interesting in your relationship by adding a tension and strain sure to highlight not only you and your partners’ differing opinions on non-pragmatic home décor purchases, but your differing opinions on everything else in life.
    a. This will give you and your partner the opportunity to foster exciting new relationships, either with therapists or members of a support group.
  2. Having a large inventory of cushions will allow you to spend more time doing your favourite chores, such as vacuuming the sofa, making the bed, or laundering cushion covers.
  3. Although the #hygge trend is most certainly fleeting, a home littered with toss cushions permits you to use the hashtag today and long after it falls out of fashion.
  4. Accumulating throw cushions is a vital part of nesting, a process that gives you a false sense of preparedness for a new baby (For those like me, only carrying food babies, you have full permission to nest as well, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise).
    a. While it is not known whether cushion compulsion is learned or genetically inherited, your child will be more likely to adopt the same endearing habit when they grow up.
  5. Decorative cushions are an affordable way to add colour, texture, pattern and personality to your home. Not only do they make your home look better today – covers can easily be changed annually, seasonally, or let’s be honest, weekly, to refresh the look of your home (because commitment issues).
    a. Accenting with pillows is an investment in your reputation. Having decorated properly (excessively) will impress your friends, family and social media audience by signifying that you enjoy the finer (less practical) things in life, giving the illusion of prosperity, taste and thoughtful put-togetherness.
  6. You deserve to treat yourself with unnecessary indulgences. Celebrate the wins (Your kid ate their vegetables! Your server left an item off the bill! Your dog didn’t throw up today!) Congratulate yourself on a job well done (You got a promotion! You drank enough water! You finished your Netflix series!) You rock!

I hope I’ve made a compelling case for embracing your cushion fixation. As it turns out, I’m not only your enabler, but also your dealer. Check out our cushion insert selection here and an at-a-glance comparison of the options here.

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