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Build Your Own Hotel Bed

Posted on March 07, 2017 by Heather Walker | 6 Comments

You don't need to travel to sleep in 5-star comfort. We've got the perfect recipe for making a heavenly hotel bed at home! 

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Thread Count

Posted on March 02, 2017 by Heather Walker | 0 Comments

What is the optimal thread count for down and feather products? How does thread count affect the quality, feel, and price of a product? Read on to find answers to common questions about thread count!

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Selecting a Duvet Cover

Posted on November 02, 2016 by Heather Walker | 2 Comments

If you’ve ever browsed through duvet covers online, you know the astounding variety of options available. You can style your duvet in endless ways – from calming neutrals to bold geometric patterns; bohemian prints to novelty themes. But is buying a duvet cover as simple as selecting a style that matches your bedroom? What other factors should you consider? We’ve got you (and your duvet) covered with this quick buying guide.

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Down Vs. Microfiber Down Alternative

Posted on October 26, 2016 by Amanda Nguyen | 8 Comments

Folded White Duvet Insert with Grey Piping and Amythest

When buying a duvet or comforter, as it is often referred to in the United States, it is important to ask yourself several questions – what type of sleeper am I? How much warmth do I want my duvet to provide? Do I prefer heavy blankets, or light sheets that don’t weigh me down? Generally speaking, duvets are made with either natural down or a polyester down alternative, but is there really a significant difference between the two?

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Infant Sleep Safety

Posted on October 18, 2016 by Heather Walker | 1 Comment

With a little one on the way, one of the most exciting tasks is the preparation and decoration of the nursery. Occasionally, we are asked if we carry baby bedding, such as crib duvets or infant pillows. The smallest products we offer are suitable for twin or single mattresses. Here, we explain why, and offer some helpful resources for safe sleeping.

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Thanksgiving Hosting Guide

Posted on September 26, 2016 by Heather Walker | 0 Comments

So you’ve offered to host Thanksgiving at your place. You’ve pored over recipes and planned a delicious meal. You’ve made oh-so-pretty place cards and centerpieces. You’ve picked a playlist and are preparing for the pre-hosting deep clean of the house. But have you considered bedding for your guests? Whether you’re hosting out-of-towners or want to give local guests a place to crash after sipping on a festive cocktail, take a peek at our hosting guide.

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