Down Perfect Feather Bed

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About This Product:

Is your mattress too soft? Are you looking for additional firmness and support? If so, this product is for you :) This feather bed has 2 layers. The bottom layer, which makes up the bulk of the product, is filled with goose feather, which provides great, resilient support. The top layer is filled with 575 loft goose down, which adds a soft buffer against the feather. Down Perfect products combine the firmness of feather with the softness of down for the best of both worlds! The outer shell is crisp 255 thread count cotton, and features corner elastics for affixing to the mattress.

Common questions: What is a mattress topper?
A mattress topper attaches to the top of your mattress to provide additional comfort. Some mattress toppers, like this feather bed, are designed to add firmness and support to a mattress that is too soft. Other toppers, like poly beds add softness to a mattress that is too firm. 

What's the difference between this product and the White Goose Feather Bed?
The Down Perfect Feather Bed has a down top, where the White Goose Feather Bed does not. The White Goose Feather Bed contains only the feather layer. They are both designed to add firmness and support to the mattress.


  • Down Pillow Top Design: Enhances a traditional Feather Bed with the luxury of a Down filled Pillow Top
  • Elastic Bands: Elastic straps secure the Feather Bed to the corners of your mattress
  • 255 Thread Count: Prevents Down / Feather from escaping
  • 100% Cotton: Fine cotton allows the Down to breathe
  • Small White Goose Feather: Bottom Feather Bed layer filled with small White Goose Feather to provide firm and resilient support you need
  • White Down: Down pillow top filled with high loft White Down provides the softness and luxury you want
  • 550+ Fill Power Down: Insulates and lofts 550+ cubic inches per ounce of fill
  • Hypo Allergenic: Anti-Microbial process used to eliminate bacteria
  • Guaranteed Quality: Guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 5 years
  • OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Certified
  • Imported

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