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Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet

Sale price$ 96.00 CAD Regular price$ 120.00 CAD
Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet Dimensions
Warmth Rating Size Dimensions Fill Weight
All Season Weight Twin 64" x 86" 45 oz
Double 78" x 86" 56 oz
Queen  88" x 90" 65 oz
King 102" x 90" 74 oz
SKU: 23142

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Julie Putman-Snider

Love this comforter! Just as warm as a down comforter, it’s a little heavier but not noticeable while sleeping. Love the fact that it is machine washable since my dog sleeps with us. 

Matt Ellis
Excellent value Duvet

As with anything online these days I was skeptic when buying products online. After extensive review of Canadian Down and feather, I knew they were a solid Canadian company with excellent customer service to back up their claims. I went ahead and ordered the Alternate Down Duvet, only because of allergy concerns and secondly, I live rurally and Dry Clean services are not available within a reasonable distance. Beauty thing about alternative down is you can wash it yourself and saves money. So we didn’t hesitate to get this particular model and were extremely impressed with the weight and warmth it provides. As soon as I took it out of the box it expanded right out and got nice and fluffy within minutes. The 300 thread count also makes it soft and quiet, as I wasn’t looking for a crinkling sound when I move. We are so impressed that we are planning to buy two more duvets for each of our children to keep them warm over the winter. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase from this Canadian company and will look forward to using them again in the future without hesitation. Thank you for a great quality product!

Pauline Wiseman
Feel Good Purchases!!!

​I just recently purchased two 45oz twin size down alternative duvets.They tick all my boxes: lightweight, warm and cosy, fairly priced, ​from a Canadian ​company, made of excellent quality with a five year warranty!!!
I'm so impressed I have just ordered 2 pillows! ​.....The pillows have just arrived and again, I'm VERY pleased with the quality and feel very reasssured purchasing from this company.
​Hope my purchases helps towards making all your company's products carry a "Made in Canada🍁" label!!!

Holly Kirkconnell
Great Duvet and Pillow!

I recently purchased a gel microfiber down duvet and a pillow of the same material. They are both wonderful! And the shipping was incredibly fast - I ordered on Dec. 19th and it arrived on Dec. 21st!!


I am plagued will multiple allergies that affect my life so was beyond thrilled to receive my duvet unpack it and no off gassing what so ever! Have already ordered a second! FYI to anyone researching you won’t find a better price anywhere else on this product and the customer is the best! My next order will be for the covers- a brilliant design
Oh yeh- the coziness..light as a feather, we keep a cold house for sleep and it keeps us comfy warm.

Questions & Answers

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  • Is the down alternative duvet available in the extra large size, 110x100"? thanks.

    Not at this time. Only the products we make in Canada are available in XL sizes.

  • How do I unclump the gel microfiber? I guess it was not completely dry and now it is clumped!

    I'm so sorry to hear this! This duvet is quite bulky and can take several dryer cycles to get completely dry. You can try a few more runs in the dryer or hanging outside when the weather is nice. You can also try shaking or pulling the clumps of fill from the outside with your hands to try to untangle them a bit.

  • I want to buy Canadian, it is my top priority. I have seen your duvet on the cost website, and read some the reviews, a lot of positive ones which is great! However, one complaint I keep reading about is little on your and Costco website is when the duvet is removed from the cover bed and room gets covered in white cotton balls. What is happening here and had the problem been corrected? I am looking for something washable and Canadian.

    This is one of our best selling duvets, and I only see 1 complaint of this nature in the reviews on our website (as of the date of this writing)! We're not aware of it being a common or consistent problem. While leakage is a possibility with any duvet (could be a faulty bit of fabric, for example), it's considered a manufacturing defect and covered under warranty, as long as proper care instructions have been followed. If you experience this problem, simply contact us for repair or replacement! Please note that this duvet is not made in Canada - hopefully one day! If you purchase it, you're supporting us as a Canadian company, but it is one of our imported products. Each product states whether it's made in Canada or imported in the product description.

  • What's the difference between this duvet and the Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet?

    The Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet has a 260 thread count shell. Higher thread count fabric is softer and less noisy. The Microfiber Duvet also has a shorter warranty period. The final difference is the fill type - Gel Microfiber is siliconized, making it slightly more slippery than regular microfiber. This difference is not overly noticeable though and doesn't impact the overall feel of the product. These 2 duvets are the same weight and warmth level.

  • Does the gel microfiber duvet allow for air circulation (ie. is it "breathable")? What about your regular microfiber duvet?

    Gel Microfiber and Microfiber does not breathe as well as a natural fill (like down or feather) would so if that is your concern you may want to explore natural fill options. In general the Gel Microfiber and Microfiber duvets are recommended for lower room temperatures around 16 - 18 degrees C or if you’re fairly cool when you sleep, as it does hold heat quite well.

  • What is the GSM of the King size Microfiber Down Alternative Duvet? We bought the duvet and find it a bit too warm for the warmer months and we are trying to find a down alternative duvet that would be lighter. I see that it is listed as having 74 oz of fill, but would like to know the GSM value.

    The King size duvet is 102" x 90", which is 9180 square inches. That converts to about 5.92 square meters. 74 oz is 2097 g. 2097 divided by 5.92 is 354. I hope this helps!

  • My duvet cover is 90 x 90. Will the Queen duvet (88 x 90) fit properly

    It will! Anything within a couple inches of the duvet size will work. If you have a cotton duvet cover, it's likely to shrink slightly after washing, which will improve the fit. Does the cover have corner ties to attach to the corner loops? This helps keep the duvet in place even if the sizing isn't perfect!

  • does it have corner ties?

    Yes it does! All of our duvets have corner loops :)