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IDFL Down Standard

IDFL’s Traceability Audit System involves rigorous audits and inspections of the entire supply chain, from parent farm to the end retailer, conducted to assess adherence to the requirements of the IDFL Down Standard. Obtainment of the IDS Certification verifies that down and feather products are ethically sourced and traceable through the supply chain to the parent farm.

For a product to be considered ethically sourced, animals must be treated humanely. Live-harvesting, live-plucking, molt-harvesting, force-feeding, over-crowding, neglect and abuse are strictly prohibited. People must be given a safe, clean place to work with well-maintained facilities, and must be paid fairly, given adequate time off and breaks, and must meet the minimum legal age of employment. Suppliers must be aware of their environmental impact and demonstrate a commitment to reducing their climatic footprint.

Canadian Down & Feather Company has passed IDFL’s Traceability Audit (Most recent IDFL Audit Number: 23-498631 & Project Number: 005914) and is the first company in Canada to be IDS Certified.

CDFC’s suppliers have also recently been audited and certified, and products will soon bear the IDS Certification Logo.