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850 Loft Hutterite Goose Down Pillow

Sale price¥36,300 JPY
850 Loft Hutterite Goose Down Pillow Dimensions
Support Level Size Dimensions Fill Weight Fill Power / Loft
Soft Standard 20" x 26" 10 oz 850
Queen 20" x 30" 12 oz 850
King 20" x 36" 14 oz 850
Medium Standard  20" x 26" 12 oz  850
Queen  20" x 30" 15 oz 850
King 20" x 36" 18 oz 850
Firm Standard  20" x 26" 15 oz 850
Queen  20" x 30" 17 oz 850
King 20" x 36" 21 oz 850
SKU: 75220

Customer Reviews

Based on 54 reviews
Ron Millar
Pillow Weight: Firm
Sleeping Position: Back
Was worried about the "Firm"

I have slept on down pillows for over 30 years and most end up as flat as a pancake in the morning. I decided to give this brand a try and ordered the firm. The term "firm" is relative and I didn't want a pillow with resistance that becomes hard on the neck. This firm pillow was perfect. It is extremely dense, hence the firm attachment, but it has lots of give to it with zero neck issues. I love the pillow and I highly recommend this to others!


I bought for myself thinking it would provide sufficient support in for my neck but was disappointed how thin it was. My wife took it & was able to use. She says it’s OK but on the flimsy side. Overall not really happy with this purchase.
Buyers beware !!

Thank you for sharing your experience! You're right - as stated in the product description, this pillow is very soft, sinky and malleable. Most people need more support than a down pillow can provide, which is why we offer a range of different fill types to suit your needs! If you need some decent support, a pillow containing feather might be better. If feather is too firm, microfiber will offer a plush down-like feel with a bit more density. If you haven't already, I recommend reaching out to our customer service team for personalized assistance finding a good match! For your existing pillow, we do offer an alteration service whereby we can add fill to the pillow to increase the support. Although, due to the delicate nature of down, there's only so firm we can get it. I'm so sorry that you haven't had the best experience so far - I hope we can turn it around!

Amazing pillows !

I ordered the firm queen goose down pillows and they are magnificent. I have never experienced pillows like this before. Thank you so much.

Best pillow ever

I literally cannot use another pillow. It's like sleeping on air. Having said that, I got the firm standard and it is very, very soft. It's softer than a "regular" soft pillow. If you want any kind of firmness, get another model.


We recently ordered two of these pillows…one first, tried it and then the second. They are soft but offer good neck support. A great quality pillow so far. I had initially ordered a perfect down and feather pillow but it was harder than we preferred so we returned it and it was great to have the option to do so. Love this down pillow!