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We are Carbonzero Certified!

Climate change is an issue of great consequence, caused in part by the emission of greenhouse gasses. We at Canadian Down & Feather Company are committed to environmentally-conscious production, and as such, we’re taking responsibility for our greenhouse gas emissions with the help of Carbonzero.

Carbonzero has certified that Canadian Down & Feather Company’s corporate operations are carbon neutral.

Carbonzero Certified Logo with Serial Number

The use of natural gas and electricity at our corporate facility generates greenhouse gas emissions.  We have calculated those emissions and offset them by investing in carbon reduction projects. We have chosen to work with Carbonzero because they offer high quality offsets that adhere to strict and comprehensive standards. Their projects are audited and verified by accredited 3rd parties and all carbon reduction outcomes are measurable. We feel it is important to partner with an organization that operates with the utmost transparency and supports impactful, Canadian-based offset projects.

We have chosen two Canadian afforestation projects to support:

The Southern Quebec Afforestation Project has re-established forest on 75.9 hectares of land in South-Eastern Quebec. Over 146, 000 trees have been planted across 15 lands. The project will incorporate a large-scale art installation that explores environmental stewardship and action against climate change, adapted from the incredible work of First Nations artist Eruoma Awashish.

Map of Quebec Art with bird and white rings on red background  
Trees and Grass Grass  
Grass, Trees and Sky Grass Trees and Sky next to White Church

The Ontario Biodiversity Afforestation Project has restored 150 hectares of fallow land in Northern Ontario to forest conditions by planting over 402, 000 trees. In addition to sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, this afforestation provides a habitat that allows forest species to thrive and helps sustain ecotourism in the area.

  Map of Ontario  
Sparse Grass and Trees Small Trees
Growing TreesTrees surrounding lake    

We believe that neutralizing our carbon footprint is an important part of mitigating our climatic impact and we intend to continue offsetting our emissions in the years to come.


The next step in our mission to reduce the environmental impact of our operations is to implement company-wide energy use reduction strategies. Stay tuned!