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Cushion Covers

New throw cushions can transform a room. Switching up cushions is one of the simplest, most cost-effective ways to update the look of your home and make it feel fresh again. If you’re like me, and you change cushions often, consider investing in quality cushion inserts and purchasing new cushion covers when you’re ready to revamp. This approach saves money and precious closet space. Removable cushion covers are also easier to wash, which is especially important for cushions in high-traffic areas.

cushions on an orange sofa

There are no rules when it comes to colour, pattern, and texture. Be bold! Be playful! Let your personality shine! But do be careful with size and shape. Here are some quick tips for buying the right cushion covers for your inserts:


Square cushion inserts can have sharp or rounded corners. Make sure that the corners of the cover are the same shape as the corners of the insert.

a cushion with sharp corners and a cushion with rounded corners on a pink background


Your cushion cover should be the same size as your insert, or 1-2” smaller on all sides if you prefer a fuller look. If your cover is too small, the cushion will buckle and wrinkle when inserted. You also may not get that coveted 'chop'!

Now, I know it’s not always easy to abide by this rule of thumb. Sometimes you come across covers 2” smaller than your cushions, and the inserts might be a little squeezed, but you HAVE to have them! (“These cushion covers are going to bring major drama to our living room this winter…but they’re a bit small!!” – Me, in November, holding up a pair of emerald green, velvet covers. My husband has never looked so disinterested.) You may have room to bend the rule, depending on the fabric of the cover and the fill of the insert.

Fabric: If your cushion insert is a bit too large and wrinkles inside a thin, silk cover, those wrinkles will be very noticeable. Thicker, sturdier materials hide wrinkles much more effectively.

cushions with various decorative patterns

Fill: Inserts filled with down and/or feather trap a fair amount of air. This means they can be compressed into a smaller space more easily. Cushions with a polyester or other synthetic fill will not fit into a tight cover as nicely.

cushions with floating feathers, down clusters, and microfiber clusters around them 

Oh…you’re looking for some of those quality cushion inserts I mentioned earlier? Right this way -> ->

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Hi Kimiyo, I’m sorry, we don’t carry covers in that size. 30×30 cushions are not a popular seller at all – it’s probably our least popular size! The vast majority of folks opt for 26×26, so we’ve decided to stock covers in that size.

Canadian Down & Feather Company

I Have 2 of your 30″ × 30″ White Goose Down cushions. Could not find those size of covers on your website. Do you carry those size of Covers ??

Kimiyo Hagiwara

Hi Madeleine,
I’m so sorry, but we don’t offer cushion covers in that size. There are tons of cushion covers on the market though. I’m sure there will be something on Amazon or a larger marketplace that meets your needs!

Canadian Down & Feather Company

Je recherche : Housse coussin 14 ‘’ style boudoir et 7’’ hauteur

Madeleine Nobert

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