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How To Fluff Cushions

Down and feather-filled pillows are wonderfully plump and luxurious, but they can be a bit compressed for shipping! Here's how to fluff up your cushion inserts when you receive them: 


Hi Hei, I’m sorry, we don’t! We only sell online.

Canadian Down & Feather Company

Hello! Do you have a bricks and mortar store open to the public?


Hi Colleen, 40 cm is about 15.75" The closest we have is 16″ × 16″!

Canadian Down & Feather Company

What size is 40 cm

Colleen Kosoy

Amazing service & professionalism. I purchased a Gel Microfiber bed topper, 2 firm bed pillows, and 2 cushions. Top quality. Extremely comfortable. I no longer have issues with sleep/falling asleep. Card, colouring book and crayons a very nice touch! I am very impressed. Thank you so Much.
Customer for life! ;-}

Robert Langlois

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