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Wedding Gift Guide

Wedding season is in full swing, as lockdowns are lifting and beautiful weather has arrived. We have fabulous wedding or bridal shower gift ideas that are intimate, personal, luxurious, and practical. Cozy bedding will make your loved ones feel like they’re honeymooning at a 5-star hotel every night!

Quality duvets that last a lifetime

When shopping for a significant milestone, like a wedding, it’s important to select quality products with longevity. There are so many bedding options on the market these days, with new trends and technologies coming and going. For fashion bedding, like linens and duvet covers, you can embrace trends and shop the hottest new styles. But for bedding basics, consider products that are tried, tested and true. Duvets are performance products, and it’s worth investing in a duvet that will last as long as the happy couple’s love! We specialize in classic products made with traditional, natural materials that are timeless, functional and built to last a lifetime.

bed with duvet and pillows gift champagne and ring

folded duvet with purple label

Our top pick is the light, fluffy and warm Hutterite Goose Down Duvet. It is made in Toronto with high loft Canadian goose down and soft, 400 thread count cotton. Regular Weight is suitable for regular room temperatures (around 19-21 degrees). All Season Weight is best for cooler room temperatures (16-18 degrees). All Hutterite Goose Down Duvets come with a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Pillows for every pair

No matter how much a couple has in common, they’re likely to have different sleeping styles! While a matching set makes a lovely gift, you can make it extra personalized by selecting two different pillows to suit each person. We offer a wide range of pillows to accommodate many sleeping positions and preferences.

pillows champagne and cake

stack of 2 down perfect pillows with green label

Our favourite supportive pillow is the 3-chamber Down Perfect™ Pillow. The core of the pillow is filled with feather, which provides excellent support for side sleepers. Unlike a traditional feather pillow, the core is surrounded by layers of soft down, which makes it feel extra luxurious. Firm support is best for side sleepers, while Medium is best for those who spend some time on their side but also sleep on their front or back.


Our favourite soft and sinky pillow is the Hutterite Goose Down Pillow. Fluffy Canadian goose down makes this pillow malleable, compressable and cloud-like. These pillows are perfect for front sleepers who don’t require a lot of support. Soft support is a flatter-style pillow. Firm support is fairly puffy, but still sinks down significantly with the weight of the head. Medium is in between!


Guided Selection Service

Bedding can be such a personal choice. You may not know the couple’s sleeping style, room temperature, or bed size, but we’re here to help. Consider giving a gift card, which is redeemable for any product on our website. We can issue gift cards in custom denominations by request! The recipients can contact us by phone, email, live chat or social media and we can help them select the best products for their needs, whether they’re shopping for their own room, a guest room, a child or even a pet!

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