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Currency Conversion

If you're shopping with us from outside of Canada, WELCOME! We are so happy to have you :)

If you prefer to purchase in USD, please select USD from the dropdown in the top left. 

If you check out in CAD, but your card uses another currency, please read the following information: 
Your bank will convert it from CAD for you based on the exchange rate at the time of purchase. We are not involved in this exchange process. They may also add conversion or foreign transaction fees. You can contact your bank or credit card company to find out more about these fees if you're unsure. 

Exchange rates change daily. For this reason, if you receive a refund, it may be different than the amount you paid originally. 
Here's an example: If you purchase a product for $100 CAD, we will charge you $100 CAD. Let's imagine that at the time of purchase, the USD exchange rate is 0.8, and therefore you pay $80 USD (+ any bank fees). 

At a later date, you return your item for refund. We will refund you $100 CAD. On the date we process the refund, let's say the exchange rate is 0.79. Your bank will refund you in the amount of $79 USD.

Refunds are issued in the currency of the original purchase.