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Goose vs. Duck

The two most common types of down & feather used in natural filled products are goose and duck, which are both waterfowl species. Although structurally similar, goose down and feather is more expensive and more sought after than duck down and feather. One of the major reasons for this is that goose down and feather does not have any odour. Duck down and feather may have an odour, however this is less likely the higher the loft/quality and the more thoroughly it is cleaned.  While there may not always be an odour, if exposed to the slightest bit of moisture or humidity, the tendency to have an odour can increase. (The odour is caused by oils on the down and feather, and duck material naturally has more oils than goose material. Interestingly, these oils are actually great for the longevity of the material, as it prevents it from becoming dry and brittle!)

Canadian Down & Feather Company offers a wide range of products filled with quality goose and duck down and feather that meet strict cleanliness standards. Products filled with duck down and feather are a less expensive alternative to goose down and feather products for the value-conscious consumer.  

For an at-a-glance comparison of fill species across all CDFC products, see our Product Comparison Chart.