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Groupon Local FAQ

Thank you for purchasing a Canadian Down & Feather Company product on Groupon Local! Looking for some information or help with your purchase? Below are answers to some common questions. If you can't find what you're looking for here, feel free to contact us!
  1. How do I redeem my voucher/complete my order?

Go to and log into your Groupon account. Go to the My Groupons section of your account.

Click ‘View Voucher’ or ‘Print Voucher’ to open your voucher. Find your Voucher Redemption Code (8 capital letters).

Enter that code in the space provided here: Please enter the code exactly as it is pictured on your voucher (all uppercase letters, no spaces).

Follow the prompts to provide us with your shipping address, billing address, and pay the $15.00 fee. This fee covers both shipping and the tax on your voucher.

Once all required information has been submitted, you will receive a confirmation email from us with the subject line ‘CDFC Receipt’. If you do not receive this email, please contact us.


  1. My item hasn’t arrived

Have you redeemed your Groupon voucher on our website and paid the $15.00 fee? If not, please see Question #1.

If you have redeemed your voucher, and your item has not arrived within the posted timelines, please contact us.

  1. Can I return my product for a refund?

Unfortunately, we are unable to refund transactions made on the Groupon website. If you’d like to exchange/upgrade an unused product, we’re happy to help! Please see Groupon's return policy under the 'Local' heading:

  1. How can I contact Groupon?

Groupon Customer Service can be reached at: 1-888-350-9061

  1. I clicked the ‘Redeem’ button in my Groupon account/My voucher code has disappeared.

Unfortunately, we are unable to retrieve voucher codes. Please call Groupon at 1-888-350-9061 to retrieve your code. You may then redeem it at

  1. I see a Payment Failed message after redeeming my voucher.

If you see a ‘Payment Failed’ notification, your order has not been completed successfully. Please try your voucher redemption again. If you experience the same issue a second time, please call your bank or financial institution and ask them to authorize the charge. If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact us.

  1. I ordered more than one item. Can I pay 1 shipping fee for all of my items?

You will have a separate voucher for each item purchased. All vouchers need to be redeemed separately and the $15.00 fee does need to be paid for each item. The items are quite large and bulky, so they are costly to ship. Shipping rates are calculated based on weight and volume, so combining items into a larger box increases the shipping cost. Please keep in mind that the $15.00 fee also includes the tax on your voucher.

  1. Do you offer pick-ups?


Pick-up is not available at this time. Vouchers must be redeemed online for shipping.
  1. My parcel was returned to you. Can it be re-shipped?

Absolutely! Please call us to pay the shipping fee, and we will have your item re-sent right away.