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Guide to Cushion Inserts

Need help navigating all the options? Here's a brief rundown of our cushion collection and the differences between the products.

Down Cushions are very soft, sinky and lightweight. If you like a malleable, squishy cushion, one of these may be for you:

Our White Goose Down Cushions are filled with 575+ loft goose down.

white cushions on a blue background

White Down Cushions are filled with 550+ loft duck down.

white cushions on a pink background

Feather Cushions are very supportive, firm, and hefty. If you like a bulkier, more resilient cushion, try one of these:

White Goose Feather Cushions are our best-sellers, filled with small white goose feather.

white cushions on orange background

Our White Feather Cushions are filled with small white duck feather.

white cushions on a red-purple background

Down Perfect Cushions are the best of both worlds. They have an inner feather core to provide firmness and support, and outer chambers filled with down to provide softness and luxury. 

Our Down Perfect Cushions are filled with small white goose feather (core) and 575+ loft goose down (outer layer). 

white cushions on green background

Down Alternative Cushions are filled with a soft polyester that mimics the properties of down. If you're looking for a soft, sinky cushion that is machine washable, or if you have allergies to down and feather, these might be a good fit.

Gel Microfiber Down Alternative Cushions are filled with a fluffy microfiber polyester.

white cushions on a grey background

There are a few commonalities between all of our cushions - they're all hypoallergenic, filled in Toronto, and made 1/2" over-sized for a snug fit in your cushion covers

Here are some other resources that may help in your decision:

Difference Between Down & Feather

Difference Between Goose & Duck

Guide to Buying Cushion Covers

Product Comparison Chart

Just For Fun - if you need convincing that investing in throw cushions is OK!


Hi Susan, We do for our trade customers. Please email us with the quantities, specs and your business info and we can provide next steps and a quote!

Canadian Down & Feather Company

Do you make custom inserts?

Susan Harris

Hi Catherine, This sounds doable, but we’d need some more details about the project. Please email for a quote. We’ll follow up with some additional questions!

Canadian Down & Feather

Hi, I am looking to have a down and feather cushion made. The dimensions are 20 × 20 × 5 and I just need it covered in ticking because it’s going to go into an already made cover. Can you provide a quote for that? Thank you

Catherine Allen

Hi Jenni, The largest standard size we offer is 36 × 36. We can make a custom size for you though. Please email us at with the dimensions and the type of fill, and we’ll respond with a quote!

Canadian Down & Feather

I am looking to replace my sofa cushion do you custom make inserts the size I need is 40×40


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