FAQ - Mon Nouveau Produit Est-il Prêt À L'emploi?

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Hi Harold from 2019 :) We’d just like to update you that we do now offer duvet covers that fit our duvets precisely!

Canadian Down & Feather Company 18 novembre 2022

How often should they be cleaned and I am assuming dry cleaned?

steve 13 décembre 2021

Hi John,
You can start using it right away, but just be aware that it won’t be fully lofted for a couple days, and it may not provide its full insulating capacities until after it’s fully lofted!

Canadian Down & Feather 09 décembre 2021

I should let it fluff up for 48 hrs before using the duvet?

John Vermeulen 09 décembre 2021

Hi Harold, I’m so sorry, we don’t have duvet covers. We specialize in down and feather products!

Canadian Down & Feather Company 12 septembre 2019

Hi, Do you have Duvet covers? Harold

Harold 12 septembre 2019

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