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Coussins Plumes Blanches

Prix de vente$ 15.00 CAD
Dimensions de la Coussins Plumes Blanches
Niveau de Support Dimensions Poids du Remplissage
Moyen 14" x 14" 14 oz
16" x 16" 18 oz
18" x 18" 23 oz
20" x 20" 28 oz
22" x 22" 36 oz
24" x 24" 44 oz
26" x 26" 53 oz
30" x 30" 85 oz
36" x 36" 128 oz
12" x 16" 14 oz
10" x 18" 13 oz
13" x 18" 16 oz
Ferme 14" x 14" 18 oz
16" x 16" 22 oz
18" x 18" 29 oz
20" x 20" 36 oz
22" x 22" 44 oz
24" x 24" 55 oz
26" x 26" 67 oz
30" x 30" 107 oz
36" x 36" 160 oz
12" x 16" 18 oz
10" x 18" 17 oz
13" x 18" 20 oz
SKU: 30414

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews

Great quality and fast delivery. Buy from this company!!

My forever brand of cushion inserts

Ordered 20x20 firm for my 20x20 cushion cover, as suggested by materials on the site. Gives a good chop effect. I wouldn't say it's extremely "plump", or looks like it's bursting, but it's just right/enough. I wouldn't order the medium firmness unless you want it to be much flatter. Overall, excellent quality, great price, will order inserts from here from now on!


The cushions are amazing small yet very decorative around the house.

Amazing throw pillow!

This feather insert is high quality at an affordable price. Went with the 20x20 firm to pair with a 20x20 cover. Normally, you would size up the insert but the recommendation on the site was to go with an insert the same size as the cover. While going with the same size does fill the cover nicely, it doesn’t give the really full and plump look I was going for. Next time, I’ll go with 22x22. This is just personal preference though! Everything else about these inserts is awesome! They are comfy and easy to fluff up. This is the only place I’ll buy inserts from from now on!

Perfect throw pillow

Really nice quality throw pillow inserts. Nice and full and holds a good “chop.” Worth a couple of extra dollars from here to get a high quality feel vs cheap polyester alternatives. Will order more as needed!