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Couette de Plume d'oie blanche

Prix de vente$ 100.00 CAD
Dimensions de la Couette de Plume d'Oie Blanche
Grade de Chaleur Grandeur Dimensions Poids du Remplissage
Poids Toutes Saisons Jumeau 64" x 86" 45 oz
Double 78" x 86" 56 oz
Grand 88" x 90" 65 oz
Très Grand 102" x 90" 74 oz
SKU: 32142

Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews

I love this brand. This is the second duvet I’ve boughten from Canadian Down & Feather Company. They’re extremely warm and comfortable. Great quality.


So far no complaints- It's really comfy and I'm looking forward to trying the pillows next


Excellent quality and personal service from the staff! Receiving a personal Thank You card from Heather was amazing and unexpected!


Amazing quality for the price. I’m

Nancy Geer
Down vs down feathers in my new Duvet

Well, I learned my lesson. I recently purchased a down feather Duvet. To be clear, it’s wonderful and came to your specifications. The Duvet is currently on my bed and is a puffy wonderful cover for my good old NH winters. Now please believe me when I say. By the down not the feathers and down. I was anxious to have a Duvet from CDAF. Their reputation is excellent and after years of buying my winter clothing from Canadian Outfitters I knew I would get a excellent item. But I skimped. I went for a lower priced Duvet.
Folks, BUY DOWN. My old Duvet is just down and I’m being truthful when I say this, the down(without feathers) is the way to go. Pay the extra and get the best duvet you’ll ever find. My old cover is over 25 yo and is well worn. I’ve had lots of dogs and a dog knows a comfy bed. Yes, they love down and yes they have nails that need clipping. Eventually the wear and tear causes feathers to fly. I used my old duvet until my new one arrived. Pleased to say my new one has a nice cover (Helps with dog hair and nails) and two shams. I’m in heaven. So; take my advice and by your new Duvet from CDAF Co. with Down. Either way you’ll be glad you did. Thanks for making me and the pups warm and happy.

Thank you for your review, Nancy! This duvet does indeed contain feather, not down! Loved by many, but not by all :) Thanks for sharing your experience.