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Couette en Plumes et Duvet Blanc

Prix de vente$ 112.00 CAD Prix normal$ 140.00 CAD
Dimensions de la Couette de Duvet et Plume Blancs
Grade de Chaleur Grandeur Dimensions Poids du Remplissage
Poids Régulier Jumeau 64" x 86" 25 oz
Double 78" x 86" 30 oz
Grand 88" x 90" 35 oz
Très Grand 102" x 90" 40 oz
SKU: 40142

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews

Product is exactly as described on the website. Excellent quality and exceptional customer service


I am so pleased. Thank you for prompt delivery and quality product


This is the third one I’ve purchased and we absolutely love them!!! Highly recommend

Disappointing purchase

This is not my first time purchasing this specific product. I bought this product about seven years ago for myself and I was very satisfied with the quality. This time, it was completely opposite. I bought this for my friend as a gift, and I ordered it and had it directly send to my friend. I am very sorry for this decision. If I'd had it send to myself instead of my friend, I would not give this as a gift. I saw the duvet when I visited my friend. It is pathetic! The volume of filling is so little. I chose this one because both of me and friend like duvet with a bit weight, but this one feels so different from the one I got years ago. Using this duvet during night with 34 Celsius room temperature does not hold enough warmth. I m so embarrassed. I'm done with this Canadian company which once I was so confident to recommend to others. I guess I just have to accept that time passed, things changed, geese and ducks have thin feather and down.

Hi LJ, This duvet is a thinner-style duvet! 34 celsius is extremely hot, wow! I'm afraid we didn't have this product 7 years ago - it's one of our more recent additions - so it's likely you purchased a different one. Perhaps it was the White Goose Feather Duvet, which is generously filled, weighty and puffy. If you'd like to find out which duvet you purchased previously, feel free to reach out.

Fantastic quality

I had been looking for a good but affordable duvet for 2 years, and I am so so happy I came across this company because everything else on the market is either extremely expensive or synthetic. This duvet is of premium quality and is warm but lightweight. The shipment was fast and they included a handwritten Christmas card and a small gift which made the whole experience pure joy. I strongly recommend this duvet to anyone, as well as their pillows, and would buy it again without a second thought. My husband and I are truly impressed and so happy about the purchase (this duvet, 4 pillows, and a fiber duvet). These are our first proper duvets and pillows as a young family, and they are all perfect.