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Oreiller de Duvet d'oie blanc

Prix de vente$ 150.00 CAD
Dimensions de la Oreiller de Duvet d'Oie Blanc
Niveau de Support Grandeur Dimensions Poids du Remplissage Capacité de Remplissage / Loft
Mou Régulier 20" x 26" 14 oz 575
Grand 20" x 30" 17 oz 575
Très Grand 20" x 36" 20 oz 575
Moyen Régulier 20" x 26" 17 oz 575
Grand 20" x 30" 20 oz 575
Très Grand 20" x 36" 24 oz 575
Ferme Régulier 20" x 26" 20 oz 575
Grand 20" x 30" 23 oz 575
Très Grand 20" x 36" 28 oz 575
SKU: 52220

Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews
George van der Poorten
Pillow Weight: Medium
Sleeping Position: Back, Side
somwhat pricey, but excellent quality

I Ordered a white goose down pillow (medium firm, standard). It was delivered in two days. Excellent service and product quality. Very satisfied. If you like pillows on the softer side and like to see your head sink in to the pillow, this is an excellent choice.

Pillow Weight: Soft
Sleeping Position: Side

I purchased this Goose down pillow. Queen, soft. Was shipped on time. I took the pillow out of the packaging and noticed it looked like it was only part full. I used it first night and had to roll up the end to make it feel more full and give it some support. After doing this, pillow was perfect. Seems that the pillow needs more fill. disappointed as I paid $175 for a part filled pillow.

Hi Kelly,

Thank you for taking the time to leave a review.

We're sorry to hear that this pillow didn't work out for you! Based on your review it sounds like a Medium or Firm option may be a better choice for you. The Soft version of the White Goose Down pillow will contain the least amount of fill, is quite low in profile and is generally better suited for front/back sleepers. If you're interested in adding more fill to your pillow to increase the support, you can send in a request here:

Side sleepers generally require more support so another option is to look into a pillow that contains feathers. Feathers are springer, sturdier and more supportive than down!

Feel free to reach out to our team for additional information! You can email us at or message us through the livechat feature on the bottom right hand corner of your screen.


I liked the pillow but was disappointed that there wasn’t enough fill. I know it’s down, but pillow feels like it’s only half full. Need to add fill or something. Have to roll up the end to make a pillow out of it.


This is my new favourite goose down pillow. I bought a queen firm & medium. I’m exchanging the medium, a little too soft for me. I prefer the firm, it’s not what I’d imagine firm would be, very soft yet supportive. Customer service is excellent & so is the quality of all their products.

Cindy c
Pillow Weight: Medium
Sleeping Position: Back, Side
My bed is so cozy I hate to get out in the morning!

I got a queen medium first and found it a bit too flat. Perfect for my husband though, so I gave that to him and ordered a firm. Perfection. I’m a back and side sleeper and absolutely love my new pillow!