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Couette en duvet d'oie huttérite

Prix de vente$249.00 USD Prix normal$332.00 USD
SKU: 74122

À propos de ce produit:

Cette couette a été rembourrée avec soin au Canada. L'extérieur est fait de coton à fil 400– il est donc doux et silencieux. La couette est remplie de duvet 700 loft fait d'oie élevée par les Huttérites d'Alberta, au Canada. Le remplissage de duvet est doux et moelleux, composé de petites grappes pelucheuses. Le remplissage est de loft élevé, ce qui signifie qu'il est de haute qualité et procure beaucoup de chaleur par once. C'est pourquoi vous constaterez que cette couette est très légère. Une petite quantité de remplissage en duvet fournit vite la chaleur recherchée!

Optez pour un poids Régulier si la température ambiante se situe entre 19 et 21 degrés C ou si vous avez assez chaud pendant votre sommeil. Le poids Toutes saisons est préférable si la température de votre chambre est de 16 à 18 degrés C ou si vous aimez dormir au frais.

Question courante : Quelle est la différence entre cette couette et la Couette de Duvet d'oie huttérite?
La seule différence est l'espèce du remplissage! La couette de Duvet d'oie huttérite est remplie de duvet d'oie et la Couette de Duvet huttérite blanc est remplie de duvet de canard. Ces deux couettes sont fabriquées au Canada avec du duvet huttérite 700 loft et du coton 400 fils au pouce, et elles sont couvertes par la même période de garantie. Apprenez-en plus sur les différences canard - oie ici.

Caractéristiques :

  • Construction en caisses et cloisons : Membranes de déflexion pour un remplissage maximal / Caisses pour éviter que le contenu ne se déplace
  • Coton à fil 400: Empêche la fuite de duvet
  • 100% coton : Le coton fin permet au duvet de respirer
  • Attaches de coin : Les attaches aux 4 coins permettent de maintenir la couette en place
  • Duvet d'oie blanc huttérite canadien: Produit par les Huttérites canadiens d'Alberta, il est reconnu dans le monde entier comme l'un des remplissages de la plus haute qualité.
  • 700+ Duvet à capacité de remplissage 700+: Isole et fournit 700+ pouces cubes par once de remplissage
  • Hypoallergénique : Processus antimicrobien utilisé pour éliminer les bactéries
  • Qualité garantie : Garantie de 25 ans contre les défauts de fabrication
  • Duvet RDS, certifié par IDFL 005891
  • Fabriqué au Canada

Liens utiles :

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Questions & Answers

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  • I have been using blankets on top of my existing duvet and peeling them off through the night as I get warm. If I do this with one of your down duvets, will that crush the duvet and negatively impact its ability to keep me warm over time? And if that's the case and you advise using a blanket under the duvet, would that cancel out the duvet's breathability and ability to reduce night sweats when they happen?

    The ideal situation is to purchase a duvet that can keep you warm enough on its own! This means you're getting the most performance from your duvet without compromising breathability. You're correct that a duvet has to be lofted up to its full potential to exercise its best insulating properties but that a blanket underneath reduces breathability. If you have to choose one of these options, the blanket underneath is the way to go! When you purchase a high quality duvet, what you're mainly paying for is the high loft, high performance down - you wouldn't want to hinder that performance if you can hlep it!

  • California King - It seems the XL King is the best option to cover a California King sized mattress to accommodate the length - are there duvet covers that will work with this sized comforter?

    You're absolutely right! Many people believe Cali King is larger than King, but it's actually between Queen and King size, which makes XL Queen the best option. We do offer duvet covers in this size :)

  • Regular vs. All Season - what would you recommend for year round use in Toronto, ON where apartment winters can be cold and summers can be hot and humid?

    It's tough to find a duvet that works well in both hot and cold temperatures. The duvet has a certain insulating ability, which doesn't change based on the ambient temp. If the temperature of your home fluctuates over the seasons, it's best to go with the lighter weight. It's much easier to add an extra blanket when it's cold than to use a duvet that's too hot!

  • Are geese killed to make these duvets? What happens to the rest of the goose once the feathers are removed?

    Thank you for your question and for considering animal welfare - it's so important. Down and feather is a by-product of the meat industry collected post-mortem. It would otherwise go to the landfill. We are IDS and RDS certified to ensure the humane and ethical treatment of animals throughout our supply chain.

  • If it’s duck down then why does the label say white goose down duvet ??

    Thanks for submitting a question! The Hutterite Goose Down Duvet is in fact a goose down duvet! It is filled with goose down, not duck down. The fill species is indicated in the product description.

  • What's the difference between this duvet and the Hutterite White Down Duvet?

    The only difference is the species of the fill! The Hutterite Goose Down Duvet is filled with goose down and the Hutterite White Down Duvet is filled with duck down. Both of these duvets are made in Canada with 700 loft Hutterite down and 400 thread count cotton, and they are covered by the same warranty period. Click to Read more about goose vs duck.

  • I live in a 60-year-old building with single-pane windows, where heating is a suggestion and seldom a reality. Still, I feel I made a mistake by ordering the “All Season Weight “ in an attempt to determine which would best suit my needs. I realize the terms moderate and cooler are suggestive and an attempt to differentiate one from the other, but as others have said, adding a blanket may be a better way to go. That said, is there some way to alter the weight of my duvet?

    You can certainly send your duvet back to us to have more fill added to make it warmer. You can request an alteration on our Alterations & Customizations page! Alternatively, you can purchase one of our Winter Weight duvets - you can see which duvets come in Winter on our Product Comparison Chart.

  • Why is all the down fill at the bottom of the duvet ? We fluff every day but it doesn’t make any difference.

    I'm sorry you're experiencing that. We would love to take a closer look and see what the issue could potentially be. Please send us an email with pictures that display the problem to and one of our agents would be happy to assist you.

  • Can you make a king down duvet half and half Light for menopause and other side for husband who is cold ?

    This is not something we do currently, but will add it to our new product request list!

  • Would placing the duvet in a duvet cover hinder or damage it over time?

    Thank you for reaching out with your question! Placing a duvet in a duvet cover does not damage or hinder it over time. It's actually the opposite! Duvet covers help protect duvets from environmental conditions that could contribute to dirtying or damage the duvet and its effectiveness. A breathable cover like our own are always recommended, to ensure proper heat regulation. You can find those at the link provided below:

  • Any suggestions on where to get a duvet cover for the XL Queen? Doesn’t seem to be anyone offering a cover with those dimensions?

    We sell an XL Queen duvet cover, which comes in a few colours! If you'd like to buy from somewhere else, there are other merchants that sell this size (or close to it) but it does take some searching, as unfortunately, there's no standard sizing across the industry. We can help you with your Google search if you send us an email :)

  • What is the approximate ratio of goose down compared to goose feather in the duvet ( such as 90% down & 10% feather ). I do not see it mentioned in any product information.

    There is no feather in this duvet! Only goose down :)