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Guide de la chaleur du duvet

Vous cherchez une couette moelleuse pour vous blottir la nuit, mais vous ne savez pas quel poids vous permettra de garder la température idéale.
N'ayez crainte, votre super couette est là!

Duvet with cape flying through night sky on orange background

Vous ne savez pas quel produit est le mieux adapté à vos besoins? Voici nos suggestions :

Poids Été
Vous avez chaud la nuit? Fini les sueurs froides!

- Pour ceux qui dorment à des températures chaudes
- Pour ceux qui ont une température corporelle élevée

Poids Régulier
Ni trop chaud, ni trop frais. Cette couette est pour toi, Boucle d’or!

- Pour ceux qui dorment à des températures modérées
- Pour ceux qui ont une température corporelle modérée

Poids Toutes saisons
Le parfait compagnon des dormeurs frileux

- Pour ceux qui dorment à des températures fraîches
- Pour ceux qui ont une température corporelle fraîche

Poids Hiver
Montrez à ces nuits d'hiver glaciales qui est le patron!

- Pour ceux qui dorment à des températures froides
- Pour ceux qui ont une température corporelle froide

Quel est l'impact du poids de remplissage sur la chaleur d'une couette?

Scale next to white duvet next to pile of down with blue background

Le poids de remplissage désigne la quantité de remplissage d'une couette, mesurée en onces. Pour rendre une couette plus chaude, nous augmentons le poids en ajoutant des onces de remplissage.

Collection Degré de chaleur Taille Dimensions Poids de remplissage Loft
Duvet d’oie blanc Poids Été Grand 88" x 90" 25 oz 575
Duvet d’oie blanc Poids Régulier Grand 88" x 90" 30 oz 575

Par exemple, une couette en duvet d'oie blanc Grand Poids Été contient 25 oz de garniture.
Par exemple, une couette en duvet d'oie blanc Grand Poids Été contient 25 oz de garniture.
La couette Poids Régulier est plus chaude, car elle contient 5 onces de plus de remplissage.


Que vient faire le loft dans le portrait?

Loft (aussi appelé pouvoir de remplissage) fait référence à la duveté du duvet, ou au nombre de pouces cubes qu'une once de duvet peut remplir. Plus la valeur du loft est élevée, plus chaque once de duvet sera pelucheuse et isolante. Parce qu'un loft plus haut est plus chaud par once, il en faut moins pour atteindre le niveau de chaleur souhaité. (Notez que le loft est une mesure utilisée pour le duvet, et non pour la plume ou le polyester).

Collection Degré de chaleur Taille Dimensions Poids de remplissage Loft
Duvet d’oie blanc Poids Été Grand 88" x 90" 30 oz 575
Duvet d’oie huttérite Poids Été Grand 88" x 90" 25 oz 700

Ici, nous avons 2 couettes de poids Régulier. Comme elles partagent le même grade de chaleur, elles sont tout aussi chaudes.
Une Couette en Duvet d'oie blanc Grand Poids Régulier contient 30 oz de Duvet d’oie 575 loft.
Une Couette en Duvet d'oie blanc Grand Poids Régulier contient 25 oz de Duvet d’oie 700 loft.
Comme le duvet 700 loft a de meilleures propriétés isolantes, il faut moins d'onces pour faire une couette de poids normal.


Trouver une couette qui ne vous tiendra pas trop au chaud ou ne vous fera pas frissonner la nuit peut sembler une tâche ardue, mais j'espère avoir pu vous éclairer sur le sujet! Maintenant, si vous me permettez, je vais aller m'emmitoufler et faire une sieste. Cette conversation sur les couettes me fait un peu somnoler!

Vous avez des questions sur le degré de chaleur des couettes? Faites-le-moi savoir dans les commentaires!

Cliquez ici pour connaître d'autres critères à considérer lors du choix d'une couette.


Illustrations par Amanda Nguyen

34 commentaires

Hi Meah, All of our duvets come in Twin size!

Canadian Down & Feather Company

any smaller sizes like twin size?

meah wojno

Hi Dianne, The fluffiest duvets we offer are our Winter Weight duvets. There are 2 duvets that come in Winter Weight – 650 Loft White Goose Down Duvet and White Goose Down Duvet. (Check the product comparison chart for which duvets come in which weights). Fluffiness and warmth go hand in hand! Winter Weight duvets are very fluffy but also very warm – too warm for most people! If the fluffy, full appearance is most important to you, Winter is a great choice. But most people need something more functional and opt for a lower weight accordingly.

Canadian Down & Feather Company

I’m looking for a king duvet. The last one we had we had extra fill put in it as we loved it . the fluffiest duvet we can possibly get which one would you recommend?

Dianne Dale

Hi Linda, Our duvets have loops in all 4 corners. The duvet covers have ribbons in all 4 corners that go through the loops and snap closed to keep the duvet from shifting in the cover. We designed these covers to be easier to put on, so I do hope you get to try it, and hopefully you have a better experience!!

Canadian Down & Feather Company

Do your duvets come with tabs on the ends, I wanted to purchase a duvet cover from you with the zippers on three sides, right now I don’t use a cover , although I have three, I find it’s to difficult to get the duvet inside with arthritis in hands. Thank you

Linda Robertson

Hi Cherie, Yes, if you purchase from any of the retailers we deal with directly, we do honour the warranty, as the product is coming directly from us. TSC and Amazon are our direct partners! If you’re buying on Amazon, please make sure we are the seller and not another 3rd party! If you have any questions about which retailers we supply to, our customer service team will be happy to advise. If you find our products at an auction house, liquidation store, facebook marketplace, or anything like that, we can’t warranty the product, as we don’t know where it came from, whether it’s been used, how it’s been cared for, etc.

Weight and warmth go hand-in-hand! The more fill we add to a duvet, the warmer and puffier it becomes. Our fluffiest, warmest option is Winter Weight, however it’s way too warm for most people, and it’s recommended only if your room temperature is 15C or below. Most people will opt for All Season Weight for winter, as it’s recommended for 16-18C. If you keep your home fairly warm in the winter, you may want to go with a lighter weight.

Canadian Down & Feather Company

Hello – if we purchase one of your duvets from another source IE: TSC/Amazon etc….is the warranty still valid through your company? Also I’m trying to decide which duvet. I like a full fluffy duvet for cold winter nights. What would you suggest.



Hi Val, If the payment did not go through, it is likely that your order was not placed with us. Perhaps there was an error in the credit card info provided? Did you get an order confirmation from us by email? Please feel free to email or call 416-532-3200 and we’ll be happy to help you place your order!

Canadian Down & Feather

Over a month ago I placed an order for a 650 white goose down duvet in queen and all season for $451.50 and have not heard back. No payment on my MasterCard either.

Val Finch

I have ordered two 850 loft hutterite goose down duvet, I wonder if it can be washed by hand ?

Jane Lin

Hi Fernanda, You can see which duvets come in which warmth ratings on the Product Comparison Chart! The duvets that come in Winter Weight are the 650 Loft White Goose Down Duvet and the White Goose Down Duvet. Winter Weight is far too warm for most people – it’s best for room temperatures of 15 degrees C or lower. All Season Weight is plenty warm for most people who are a bit chilly when they sleep or for room temps around 16 – 18 degrees.

Canadian Down & Feather Company

Looking for a warm winter duvet


Hi Laurie, All Season Weight is always heavier than Regular Weight because it is warmer. To make a duvet warmer, we need to add more fill to it, making it heavier! You can compare the exact fill weights on the ‘Specifications’ tab on any product page. If you like a light weight duvet, I would go with a down duvet. Down duvets are very light because down is so warm per ounce…just a little bit of fill goes a long way! The weight that is right for you depends on the temperature of your home and your personal preference…it sounds like you’re looking for something not too warm, so I would opt for Regular Weight in that case. :)

Canadian Down & Feather Company

could you please tell me the difference between all season weight and medium weight in terms of heaviness. I would like a duvet that is
cool in the summer but decent warmth but not hot in the winter- I live in central Ontario.
i do not like heavy blankets or duvets( small person ).

Thanks ___ I look forward to your reply. Laurie

Laurie Mathe

Hi Doris,
Great question! We do have sales year-round. Every 1-2 months or so. The bulk of our best sales are concentrated around October – January. Please feel free to sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page. That’s how we communicate our sales and promotions with our customers!

Canadian Down & Feather Company

How often you will have duvets on sale?

Doris cheng

Hi Doris, Thanks for your question! We don’t offer our Hutterite duvets in Summer Weight, but we can make one custom for you if you’d like. Please email us and we can provide a quote!

Canadian Down & Feather Company

Do you make 850+ Hutterite white goose down duvet in summer weight? Can I special one?

Doris Cheng

Hi Barb, Thank you for your comment! Down alternative duvets tend to be fairly heavy. This is because synthetic materials don’t have very good insulating properties. A lot of fill is required in order to provide the warmth most people are looking for. For a lightweight duvet, you’ll want to go with a down duvet. Down is an excellent insulator, so just a little bit of fill goes a long way! For our most affordable down duvet, see the White Down Duvet in the pink flamingo packaging!

Canadian Down & Feather Company

I have tried a duvet with polyester fill (not yours) and found it to be too heavy. I’m not concerned with weight as it relates to warmth, but rather how it feels on my body. I do not want something that feels confining; in fact I’d be nice if I didn’t feel it at all. Also, I am on a tight budget. So what would be your suggestions? Thank you.


Amanda, my daughter received her white goose down comforter just in time for the Calgary freeze. She absolutely loves it! And didn’t want to get out of bed the next morning. Thank you for your assistance and making a great Canadian Product!


Hi Lisa,

We can make something like that for you! It would be a customer project. Please email with more info (size, warmth levels, thread count, type of fill) and we can provide you with a quote!

Canadian Down and Feather Company

Do you sell partner or split tog duvets? They are king size but allow 2 different fills ie summer weight one side and regular weight on the other for couples with different sleep needs?


Using your Smart ’furnace controls, one could lower temperature at night, hence save on heat bill and use a heavy duvet for comfort.


Hi Joan, Our most popular duvet is the Hutterite Goose Down Duvet in the purple packaging!

Canadian Down & Feather Company

The flat top of my bed is 60″ × 80.″ I’m interested in a Hutterite Regular duvet for myself and single Regular duvets for my three pre-teen granddaughters. What do you suggest and what are the costs? Can you have then delivered to my farm in East Garafraxa Township before Christmas?

Charles Hooker

I would like all seasons king size most popular down feather , do you have couple to look at?

Joan McCallum

Hi Jen, Great question. Down duvets are quite lightweight as a rule. If you want something not too hot but don’t want to sacrifice too much fluffiness, I’d go with a Regular Weight Hutterite duvet (purple, red, or yellow-green packaging). Hutterite down is extremely lofty/fluffy. By comparison, the White Goose Down Duvet or White Down Duvet in Regular Weight will look a bit thinner. I hope this helps!

Canadian Down & Feather Company

Hi there,

I cant decide between a light weight duvet, medium weight or All seasons. I don’t want it too heavy or hot. I’d like one that is full and fluffy as some other brands ive seen are lightweight but also very thin and I like the fullness of my bedding. I guess that’s the trade off. Any suggestions?


wonderful comments

leoor casassa

Great guide! A very fun and informative twist on finding your perfect duvet. I’ve recently purchased a duvet and am very pleased with what I got.


Very illuminating read! This will definitely help out on my next purchase!
Thank you


That was very informative. Thanks for sharing!


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