Offrez Chaleur Et Confort En Cette Période De Fêtes

Les gens pensent souvent à tort que le duvet et les plumes sont la même chose. En réalité, ils sont très différents. Dans cet article, nous présentons les principales différences entre ces types de remplissage.

La présentation

Le duvet est la sous-couche soyeuse des oies et canards. Il se présente en grappes de légers filaments duveteux rayonnant d'un point central. Un filament forme une structure tridimensionnelle ressemblant à une cosse de pissenlit.

photo of white feather and white down cluster

La plume est faite de la couche extérieure du plumage des oiseaux. La plume se définit par une tige rigide portant des fibres qui s'étendent des deux côtés.

Le loft

Le loft est la mesure du pouvoir gonflant du duvet et il indique du même coup son niveau de qualité global. Le loft ne se mesure pas avec la plume.

Le poids et la chaleur du duvet

Dans les couettes, le duvet offre la meilleure capacité d'isolation au pouce carré, plus que tout autre remplissage, synthétique ou naturel. Le duvet procure plus de chaleur au pouce cube que la plume. C'est pourquoi les couettes de plume contiennent beaucoup plus de remplissage et sont plus lourdes que les couettes de duvet. Elles nécessitent plus de remplissage pour obtenir le même niveau d'isolation et de chaleur.

Cliquez ici pour consulter notre guide d'achat de couettes.





Le support de l'oreiller

Dans un oreiller, le duvet procure un support minimal du cou et de la tête. Les oreillers de plume procurent quant à eux un support plus ferme, dû à l'élasticité des tiges de la plume.

Cliquez ici pour notre guide d'achat d'oreillers..

Rareté et prix

Le duvet est plus cher que la plume. Sa texture soyeuse et ses excellentes propriétés isolantes en font un matériau plus prisé par les consommateurs. Le duvet est aussi plus rare. Chaque oiseau porte une quantité plus élevée de plumes que de duvet.

Feather and Down piles with price tags and magnifying glass on blue background

Vous avez des questions sur le duvet et les plumes? Nous aimerions les voir ci-dessous!


Illustrations par Amanda Nguyen


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Hi Maureen, We do have a few goose down duvet options. Our top seller is the 650 Loft White Goose Down Duvet in All Season Weight. However, if you’re looking to match your Pacific Coast duvet as closely as possible, we would need some more information, including fill weight, thread count, and any other details you can find. If you can email us a photo of the labels, that might help give us some clues!

Canadian Down & Feather 24 octobre 2021

I have had my duvet for about 20 years and it was a gift from my kids.The brand name is Pacific Coast and it is a four season I have never used another quilt or comforter. I think it is goose down and feathers very lite and so cozy warm.I would like to buy one very similar except a large queen what one would u suggest thank you

Maureen 24 octobre 2021

Hi Ganomia, Thanks so much for your inquiry! I’m afraid we’re not able to provide this service. We only use new material, and for cleanliness reasons, we’re not able to put used material through our machines. There may be someone out there who can help you with this, although I’m not sure who. However, I would expect that the amount you would pay for a custom job like this would be as much or more than a new feather duvet – feather duvets are relatively inexpensive!

Canadian Down & Feather 01 juillet 2021

Hi, I have 3 large feather fill baffled pillows from the back cushions of a canadian couch manufacturer (we replaced them with eco foam for improved comfort); I’m curious if you would be able to extract and reuse the fill, to make me a feather duvet? Would there be any savings in doing so?
thanks for the nice web site, and all…

ganomia 15 juin 2021

Hi Kenneth, DNA testing isn’t necessary. Different species have different identifying features on their down and feathers. You simply need to look at a sample of the material under a microscope or similar machine to see those features. We are IDS and RDS Certified, which (among other things) means our down and feather is tested for species by a 3rd party (IDFL), is traceable throughout our supply chain, and is compliant with all labelling standards and regulations. So there’s no need for you to test on your own, but if you wanted to, I’m sure you could through IDFL for a couple hundred bucks!

Canadian Down & Feather 24 mai 2021

How can I prove that the down in my pillow is GOOSE down and not from some other kind of bird? Would DNA testing on the down be conclusive?

Kenneth Athon 24 mai 2021

I was unsure how a topper would be if it my new beautiful mattress . I did my tease arch and choose Canadian down and feather as the company was highly recommended by reviews. I also liked the high quality of all the products and all the information provided .
Well I will say it is better than the mattress!!! It is the icing on the cake!!
Right away in seconds I loved my topper.. it adds comfort softness luxury . It is now like the beat hotel bed on the world !! I have been to Europe across the states Canada and the world . Beat topper ever !! I highly recommend to purchase a topper to finish of your bedding .. also get a protector thou to protect you investment . Amazing!! I will always shop at Canadian down and feather the quality is the best😊❤️

Lydia 24 juin 2020

Hi Danny, Certainly, we will give you a call shortly! In future, the best way to get in queue for a call back is to fill out the Request a Call form on our Contact Us page. Due to the pandemic, our phone lines are not manned with the usual number of staff, so we’ve set up this form to help us manage incoming inquiries so you don’t have to wait for us on the line! :)

Canadian Down & Feather Company 18 juin 2020

hello there i spoke with customer support on the phone last week with a girl named rosie. this was the best customer service i ever received because i had a complicated issue with my feather duvet and she treated it so quickly and was very nice about it. i now have two duvets and would like to return one to you in good faith. could you have rosie call me please? my name is danny and my phone number is 647-641-9820 as your phone lines seem busy yesterday. thank you this is a great company and i love my feather duvet

Danny 18 juin 2020

Hi Susan, If you’re on a product page, click on the ‘Specifications’ tab (next to ‘Description’) to see fill weights! As a general rule, the lower the loft, the heavier the fill weight. This is because we need more fill to make up for the lower loft (less fluffy) down. Our White Down Pillow (pink) has the lowest loft of all our down pillows, and therefore the heaviest fill weight! :)

Canadian Down & Feather Company 18 juin 2020

What is the heaviest weight in a firm goose/duck down pillow? I don’t see weight of pillows at all?

Susan Uschner 16 juin 2020

I am a side sleeper with a sore neck & back head ache, interested in a really good pillow in Queen size.
Will I still be able to get the 20% off if I order tomorrow? I will look forward to chatting tomorrow as live in
Calgary & you are now closed.

Patricia Syrette 20 mai 2020

Hi Shiv, Great question! All of the down and feather we use is by-product of the meat industry that would otherwise go to the landfill. The down and feather is collected post-mortem – no live plucking, molt-harvesting, etc. Actually, the demand for meat is much higher than the demand for down and feather. You can read more about our commitment to ethical sourcing here: . I hope this helps!

Canadian Down and Feather Company 24 septembre 2019

Hi Shiv, Great question! All of the down and feather we use is by-product of the meat industry that would otherwise go to the landfill. The down and feather is collected post-mortem – no live plucking, molt-harvesting, etc. Actually, the demand for meat is much higher than the demand for down and feather. You can read more about our commitment to ethical sourcing here: . I hope this helps!

Canadian Down and Feather Company 24 septembre 2019

I have a question. How is the down and feather procured? Where does the industry get so much of this material to fill so many merchandise? Are the birds harmed when one gets this material from them?

Shiv 24 septembre 2019

Hi Krista, the White Down Duvet is filled with duck down. I hope this helps! :)

Canadian Down and Feather Company 24 septembre 2019

Hi, can you tell me is your down made of duck or goose? I’m specifically looking at the regular weight white down duvet. Thanks

Krista 24 septembre 2019

Hi Kim, Our most popular duvet is the Hutterite Goose Down Duvet (purple packaging). It’s light, lofty and warm!

Canadian Down & Feather Co. 21 novembre 2018

I’m looking for a fluffy nice warm duvet. Recommendations?

Kim 21 novembre 2018

Yah, Diane, in full flight . . .

Charles Bernreiter 18 novembre 2018

Hi Domanique, Without knowing too many details, I’d recommend the Down Perfect Pillow in Medium. The feather in the middle provides great support, while the down in the outer chambers provides softness. The Medium weight should provide enough support for side sleeping, but not so much support that you’ll be uncomfortable on your stomach. We can always work with you to adjust the pillow by adding or removing fill after you’ve tried it out! I hope this helps :)

Canadian Down & Feather Company 10 octobre 2018

I have major joint issues (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) and need pillows that can support me yet be soft enough that my joints aren’t at awful angles while I toss about during my sleep. What is your recommendation? (I fall asleep on my front/side, but that all goes out the window once I’m asleep haha) x

Domanique 10 octobre 2018

Hi Anne,

You’re absolutely right! Our heaviest duvets are White Goose Feather, Microfiber and Gel Microfiber. Perfect for those that like a weighty blanket! :)

Canadian Down & Feather Company 25 septembre 2018

Just to make sure I am understanding your information properly. I plan to buy a duvet as a gift for my daughter who likes a heavy layer of blankets. It is not warmth that is an issue, (she has a heated mattress pad for that) but the weight of the covers that she likes. Would I be correct to think that a feather duvet would be more likely to suit her than a down one?

Anne 25 septembre 2018

Hi Carryl,
That depends on the product! For example, our White Goose Feather Duvet is filled with imported feather, where our Hutterite Goose Down Duvet is filled with down farmed by the Hutterites in Alberta, Canada. If you have a question about the fill of a particular product, feel free to email or chat us :)

Canadian Down & Feather Co. 21 septembre 2018

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