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Couette en duvet d'oie huttérite 850 Loft

Prix de vente$ 550.00 CAD
SKU: 75122

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews

A truly excellent product. Nothing better than the sleep you get using a nice warm duvet like this.

roberta jasin
Very satisfied customer

Very satisfied customer: A few years ago, I purchased the 850 Loft Hutterite Goose down
duvet. What can I say, it is exceptional, My bed is inviting, I love the comfort and
warmth. Its worth every penny. Thanks Canadian down and feather Company.
Roberta Jasin....Burlington, ON

Excellent achat

Je souhaitais me procurer un édredon en duvet depuis longtemps, et mon choix s’est porté sur Canadian Down and Feather. La qualité du produit a surpassé mes attentes. La couette est ultra légère et se gonfle magnifiquement. L’enveloppe de coton est de la plus haute qualité, très soyeuse. Un produit de qualité supérieure. Je suis tellement satisfait que j’en ai commandé une autre. :-)

Superb sleep

I finally decided to splurge and purchased the regular 850 LOFT HUTTERITE GOOSE DOWN DUVET and I can honestly say I have never had a better sleep! The duvet is super light and fluffy and provides perfect amount of warmth and superb comfort level. Online agents were very helpful assisting me in selecting the perfect product and shipment arrived much sooner than anticipated. My only regret… why didn’t I decide to splurge on this duvet years ago :)

Bj Mcmechan
Great service

Talk about a well laid out website! Tons of information, comparisons, products, and reviews. Ordering was easy, shipping was quicker than expected. My blanket is a little warm for my liking, but come winter time that could change. I got the lightest fill they had in this style and the first few nights I woke up sweaty. Only thing I could suggest to upgrade this product would be to add extra tie down spots for the duvet cover, it tends to get a bit mixed up with only tieing the 4 corners. If your someone that is constantly cold at night this is the blanket for you, soft, fluffy, warm, and has a bit of weightyness that comes with down blankets. Overall I'm very happy with my product.