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Made in canada

Canadian Hutterite Pillows

MADE in Canada

Canadian hutterite pillows

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The Hutterites are a community who live on hundreds of colonies dispersed throughout the prairies of northwestern North America. These rural communities are self-sufficient in raising much of their own food sources, including geese and ducks. Birds live free range to full maturity, resulting in larger, higher quality down clusters. Canadian Hutterite down and feather is world-renowned for its quality and performance.

Made in Canada

Made in-house in Toronto with Canadian fill and meticulous workmanship.

Supporting All Sleepers

Options available for all sleep styles and preferences, from firm and supportive to soft and sinky.

Ethically Sourced

Down and feather sourced with utmost respect for animals, people, and the planet.

High Thread Count

Our Hutterite pillows are made with high thread count cotton, which is breathable, soft, and down-proof to prevent leakage.

Canadian Processed

Hutterite fill is processed, and cleaned in Canada according to strict ethical, quality, and safety standards.

Natural Materials

Our Hutterite pillows are designed with natural fabric and fill so you can sleep clean and easy.


I recently upgraded to the 850 loft pillow and it is a game changer for my sleep. I selected the firm, queen pillow. It is soft but full, which means that while my head does sink into it, it does not sink so far as to be down at mattress level. It offers me the correct level of neck support while still providing the soft down feel I prefer. Worth the cost as an investment in my sleep. I cannot imagine using any other pillow now.

Acl, reviewing 850 Loft Hutterite Goose Down Pillow


90% of the time I am a side sleeper but sometimes I roll over and I sleep on my back so I needed a pillow that would accommodate both positions and this is it !!! It is soft and firm at the same time, the way they packaged the down and feathers in the 3 chambers is genius !! it provides great support on the sides as well as in the middle. My neck fits well in either side and when my head rests in the middle it feels soft and supported. No more headaches and no more neck/back pain when I wake up. 5 star pillow !

Cecilia, reviewing Hutterite Down Perfect Pillow


I have never experienced a pure down pillow until now. The medium fill is perfect for me as I sleep on my back, and it's stays fluffy especially with the classic white pillow cases purchased here. The thread count on the pillow is amazing.

Karen, reviewing 850 Loft Hutterite Goose Down Pillow


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