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About This Product:

This duvet is filled with care in Canada. The cotton shell is 260 thread count, so it is crisp and durable. The duvet is filled with 575 loft goose down. Down fill is soft and luxurious, made up of tiny, fluffy clusters. This duvet is fairly lightweight, but you'll find this duvet contains more fill than a duvet with higher loft down. This is because the higher the loft of the down, the better the insulating properties, and the less of it we need to achieve the desired warmth level!

Summer Weight is great for hot sleepers or room temperatures are 22 degrees C or higher. Opt for Regular Weight if your room temperature is around 19 – 21 degrees C or if you’re fairly warm when you sleep. All Season Weight is best if your room temperature is 16 – 18 degrees C or if you’re a cooler sleeper. Winter Weight works best for very cold room temperatures. This duvet is one of only two duvets offered in Winter Weight!


  • Baffle Box Construction: Baffle Walls for maximum Loft / Boxes to prevent content from shifting
  • 260 Thread Count: Prevents Down from escaping
  • 100% Cotton: Fine cotton allows the down to breathe
  • Corner Loops: Loops on all 4 corners to tie and anchor the duvet in place
  • White Goose Down: Canadian processed down ensures highest quality & fresh fill
  • 575+ Fill Power Down: Insulates and lofts 575+ cubic inches per ounce of fill
  • Hypo Allergenic: Anti-Microbial process used to eliminate bacteria
  • Guaranteed Quality: Guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 20 Years
  • RDS Down: Certified by IDFL 005891
  • Filled in Canada with domestic and/or imported materials

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Warmth Rating Size Dimensions Fill Weight Fill Power / Loft
Summer Weight Twin 64" x 86" 18 oz 575
Double 78" x 86" 22 oz 575
Queen  88" x 90" 25 oz 575
King 102" x 90" 29 oz 575
XL Queen (California King) 96" x 98" 30 oz 575
XL King 110" x 100 35 oz 575
Regular Weight Twin 64" x 86" 21 oz 575
Double 78" x 86" 26 oz 575
Queen  88" x 90" 30 oz 575
King 102" x 90" 35 oz 575
XL Queen (California King) 96" x 98" 36 oz 575
XL King 110" x 100 41 oz 575
All Season Weight Twin 64" x 86" 25 oz  575
Double 78" x 86" 30 oz 575
Queen  88" x 90" 35 oz 575
King 102" x 90" 40 oz 575
XL Queen (California King) 96" x 98" 41 oz 575
XL King 110" x 100 48 oz 575
Winter Weight Twin 64" x 86" 31 oz 575
Double 78" x 86" 38 oz 575
Queen  88" x 90" 45 oz 575
King 102" x 90" 52 oz 575
XL Queen (California King) 96" x 98" 53 oz 575
XL King 110" x 100 61 oz 575

This duvet should be used with a duvet or comforter cover at all times. Failure to do so will cause premature wear and invalidate the warranty. A properly covered duvet will eliminate the need for a top sheet. This keeps bed-making to a minimum and allows you to enjoy the light, cozy feeling of your duvet.

Prior to use, shake the duvet vigorously to help fluff up the down. It will take about 1 week of use before the outer fabric softens up and the down lofts up to its full potential.

There may be a slight odour as a result of having been stored in the packaging, but it will disappear within the first week of use.

Take your down duvet outdoors periodically and air it. This helps maintain its freshness, fluffiness and insulating qualities.

This product should be stored in a dry and well-ventilated closet or room when not in use in order to prevent mildew growth.

Cleaning Instructions:

* A properly maintained duvet should only require cleaning after five to ten years, if at all.

* Your duvet is covered in 100% cotton and filled with natural down. It will shrink if washed, possibly causing puckering in the stitching and loss of the filling.

* Should your comforter need cleaning, have it DRY CLEANED or PROFESSIONALLY WASHED by a reputable cleaner that specializes in cleaning down and/or feather products.

* DO NOT attempt to machine wash or dry clean this product yourself. If the filling stays even slightly damp, the down will clump together and may allow mildew growth.

* Small spots or stains may be removed by holding the fabric away from the filling and using warm water and mild soap. To dry, use a hair dryer on low heat.


Ask a Question
  • Hello! How many boxes or chambers go across the length and width of the TWIN? Thank you!

    Our boxes are about 12" x 12". Twin size is 5 x7 boxes!

  • There are 2 winter weight duvets, one is 575 loft and the other is 650 loft. I just wanted to know what are the difference between these two and which one is the warmest.

    These 2 duvets have the same warmth rating, and therefore are the same warmth level! While the warmth is the same, there's a couple key differences between these two:
    - Loft (575 vs 650): The higher the loft, the higher the down quality! Higher loft duvets are also lighter, because the down is higher performance. Lower loft duvets can be just as warm, but they're heavier, because they require more down to achieve equivalent warmth.
    - Thread count (260 vs 360): The higher the thread count, the softer and quieter the fabric!
    I recommend checking out the Duvet Comparison Chart for the full list of similarities and differences. 

  • What is the difference between the 650 summer weight goose down duvet and the regular goose down summer weight one?

    The 650 Loft White Goose Down duvet is lighter in weight and has a higher thread count shell (300 vs. 260) than the 575 Loft White Goose Down duvet. Loft tells us how warm and fluffy the down is per ounce! The higher the loft power, the warmer the down is per ounce, the less fill we need to achieve the same warmth level as a lower loft down duvet! If we are comparing both duvets in the Summer Weight King, the 650 Loft White Goose Down duvet contains 27oz of fill and the White Goose Down duvet contains 29oz of fill. Both duvets are the same warmth level (Summer Weight recommended for 22C+), but the 575 Loft White Goose Down duvet contains more fill and is heavier in weight!

  • What percentage of goose down and feathers are in this duvet?

    This is a soft, fluffy, down duvet! Down and feather are natural products, and there's natural variation in them. To be labelled as 'down', the product must be filled with at least 75% down cluster. The percentage of down cluster tends to be higher in higher loft products. For a 650 loft products, you're looking at around 80-85% down cluster. The remaining material could be down filaments, feather filaments, feather, etc.

  • Where do the feathers come from?

    First of all, this product does not contain feathers. It contains down! Read more about the difference between down and feather here: https://www.canadiandownandfeather.com/blogs/articles/down-and-feather-whats-the-difference

    We don't specify the country of origin for the down in this duvet. We have suppliers in Canada, USA, Europe and Asia. It may come from any of these suppliers, or a mix, depending on what we have in stock. If you're looking for Canadian fill, check out our Hutterite products!

  • How much is a down summer weight XL King duvet? Do you sell duvet covers? Or where would I get one that has ties inside to hold duvet in place?

    To see the product price, use the menus at the top of the page, to the right of the images. Select Summer Weight and XL King and you'll see the product price update accordingly!
    We do sell duvet covers! They have ribbons in all 4 corners with snaps that fit with the corner loops on our duvets.

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