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White Goose Feather Duvet

Sale price$56.00 USD Regular price$74.00 USD
White Goose Feather Duvet Dimension
Warmth Rating Size Dimensions Fill Weight
All Season Weight Twin 64" x 86" 45 oz
Double 78" x 86" 56 oz
Queen  88" x 90" 65 oz
King 102" x 90" 74 oz
SKU: 32142

About This Product:

This best-selling, puffy duvet is made with white goose feather fill. Do you know the difference between down and feather? Click here to learn more. The shell is 233 thread count cotton, which is crisp and durable.

This duvet is generously filled. Feather doesn't have the same insulating properties as down, so feather duvets are heavier weight. We need a fair bit of fill to achieve the desired warmth. 

This duvet comes in All Season Weight, which works well for room temperatures around 16 - 18 degrees C or if you’re fairly cool when you sleep. 


  • Box Construction: Boxes to prevent content from shifting
  • 233 Thread Count:  Prevents fill from escaping
  • 100% Cotton: Fine cotton allows the fill to breathe
  • Corner Loops: Loops on all 4 corners to tie and anchor the duvet in place
  • White Goose Feather: Filled with small white goose feather to provide better lofting and insulation.
  • Hypo Allergenic: Anti-microbial process used to eliminate bacteria. 
  • Guaranteed Quality: Guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 5 Years
  • This product was tested for harmful substances and certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 VC025 232673 TESTEX
  • Imported

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  • Hello, Under features you note "imported" what does that exactly mean?

    This product is made for us at a factory outside of the country, rather than being made in-house at our own factory!

  • I am considering buying your white goose feather duvet for my son. I have read reviews on Amazon that feathers poke through and/or come out completely. What are your thoughts with these issues?

    All of our products are manufactured with down and feather proof cotton shells! The odd feather or two can escape with some time and use, though there should not be an excessive amount coming out  (especially if proper care instructions are being followed). The White Goose Feather duvet is on the heavier side and is available in the All Season Weight. This duvet is recommended for customers who enjoy a bulkier duvet and sleep in room temperatures of 18-16C.

  • looking for a very light summer downing king size .please give me the weight also

    Hi Serge,
    This duvet is feather filled and only available in the All-Season Weight. We do offer Summer Weight (recommended for room temperatures of 22C and above). This warmth rating is available in the White Down Duvet, the White Goose Down Duvet, the 625 Loft White Down Duvet and the 650 Loft White Goose Down Duvet. 
    For each duvet in Summer Weight/King size, the fill weights are:
    White Down Duvet:  29 oz 
    White Goose Down Duvet: 29 oz 
    625 Loft White Down Duvet: 27 oz 
    650 Loft White Goose Down Duvet: 27 oz"

  • I have heard that the cotton covering makes a crackling this right

    This duvet does have a crisp shell with a thread count of 233. Lower thread count shells will produce more noise as you move around! If you are looking for something finer that will produce less noise, we recommend looking at our other collections. You can compare all thread counts on our comparison chart here:

  • What is the fill rating for this item?

    What do you mean by fill rating? If you mean fill weight, you can find the fill weight by size on the Dimensions & Fill Weights chart on the product page. If you mean fill power (or loft), feather usually comes in around 350-450 loft. We don't really state the loft for feather products because we feather size is more often used to communicate the quality. If you mean warmth level, this duvet is All Season Weight, so it is quite warm. It's best for room temperatures of about 16-18C!

  • What do you recommend for spot cleaning. IE if a very tiny mark happens.

    Small spots or stains may be removed by holding the fabric away from the filling and using warm water and mild soap. To dry, use a hair dryer on low heat. We recommend using a duvet cover to protect your duvet! In general, natural fill products should be dry cleaned or professionally washed!

  • Can feathers migrate between baffles, or are they sewn so they can't

    Each box is sewn shut on the White Goose Feather duvet!

  • What is the percentage of feathers and down?

    This is a feather duvet! It's almost all feather (about 95% feather, 5% down).