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Down Perfect™ Cushions

Sale price$ 31.87 CAD Regular price$ 37.50 CAD
Down Perfect™ Cushion Dimensions
Support Level Dimensions Fill Weight Fill Power / Loft
Medium 14" x 14" 14 oz  575
16" x 16" 18 oz 575
18" x 18"

23 oz

20" x 20"

28 oz

22" x 22"

35 oz

24" x 24"

44 oz

26" x 26"

53 oz

30" x 30"

85 oz

36" x 36"

127 oz

12" x 16"

14 oz

10" x 18"

13 oz

13" x 18"

16 oz

SKU: 41414

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Bernhard Reicher
Excellent Value and great quality!

I am so pleased with my second purchase of the chamber pillows as I had put inserts into my 20 x 20 cover, but the inserts were 4 inches larger! Not a good idea as it made the pillow too hard and very uncomfortable! So to fix it I ordered 22 x 22 and that resolved the issue and now they are luxurious and ever so comfy! As it is my second purchase I highly recommend them! They get 5 stars and more in my books!! Excellent product and know that you are supporting a Canadian business!!
Now they look fantastic!

Bernhard Reicher
Excellent Value and great quality!

I ordered 3 perfect pillow inserts 26x26 inserts for my 24x24 pillows I have to say these are worth having the triple chamber pillow for on the couch! They are so comfortable and supportive! In fact, I have fallen asleep on them several times they are that comfy! They made my pillows fuller and I do not have to fluff them up like before! I would highly recommend these and would buy them again! They are that well made and very proud to support a Canadian based business!

Good Fit!

The pillows arrived super fast and were a good fit for my covers. Really appreciate the help in choosing the right pillow (using your chat feature). Will definitely work with your group again.

great cushion!

I ordered a 26" cushion for the living room. I am so happy with it! I wanted a firm but comfortable pillow & this is what I got. And no picky feather bits poking out like the pillows you buy in the store. I too have never spent this much on a pillow but I am extremely pleased with the comfort & quality of it. I finished it off with a poppy chenille pillow cover & is perfect!! I will be using & enjoying this pillow for years!!

Sharon Gove
Very stiff cushions

I was hoping the down perfect cushions would be very soft, as I needed sofa cushions that mould to my bad back. These cushions are very well made but are very stiff. If you want cushions that keep their shape just as decoration, these would be fine, but for comfort, I would get full down next time.

Hi there Sharon,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a review! I'm sorry to hear that this product didn't quite meet your expectations.

As stated in the product description, this product is intended to provide 'great, resilient support' which comes from the core of the pillow! The core of the product contains a feather fill, which makes up 90% of the pillow. The feather fill provides the firmness and support from its hard quill!

The down portion of this product is in the outer chamber to provide a soft buffer against the hard quill. This product is not intended to be soft and malleable, rather, the down serves its purpose in providing a soft layer of comfort on top of the fundamental firmness of the feather.

If you're looking for a super soft fill which is both sinky and malleable, I would encourage you to look at our White Goose Down or White Down Cushions. For a lower cost option that is soft and plush, you might consider the Gel Microfiber Cushions. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our customer service team!