Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of the fabric. The total number of threads in a square inch is calculated by adding the threads running right and left (weft) and the threads running up and down (warp).

For Down and Feather products, it is essential to have a shell and/or covering made of fabric that is at least 233 Thread Count or 233 threads per square inch. Thread counts lower than this may allow the down and/or feather to leak or escape from the product. This would create a mess and reduce the comfort and insulating properties of the product.

In the market today, Down and Feather products have thread counts that start around 200 and go as high as 800. There are a few different benefits to having higher thread count. These may include softer, smoother fabric and less noise from the shell. However, lower thread count products are not worse than higher thread count products and will last just as long. Even though higher thread counts are not directly felt by the consumer once placed inside a cover, the softness can be noticed through high quality covers. Higher thread count products will be more expensive, but the shell is usually not the most significant factor in determining price and quality.