The Best Bedding for the Cottage

The temperatures are rising! Cottage season is upon us! If your bedding at camp needs replacing, we’re here to help with our top picks for the cottage.

Red cottage on a lake

Some of us like to rough it out at the lake.  If your cottage is a no-shower, leave-your-shoes-on kind of place, dress your beds with down alternative duvets and pillows. You’ll be able to machine wash your bedding after it’s seen enough wet hair and sandy feet. Down alternative mattress toppers will add an extra layer of comfort to your mattresses. They’re perfect for sinking into after a long day of outdoor activity!

Bed with quilted duvet and pillow and wood bedside table with white flowers in white vase

If your cottage is a comfortable, clean abode with all the amenities, spring for luxurious down duvets. Be sure to purchase summer weight duvets if you don’t have air conditioning, and all season weight duvets if you do. Down Perfect Pillows provide a balance of softness and support. They’re crowd-pleasers that will ensure all guests wake up refreshed. Don’t forget a soft poly bed for that sleeping-on-a-cloud feeling.

White Duvet and Pillows on bed

Here are a couple of pro tips for making your cottage bedding last:

Air it out. As soon as you open up your camp for the season, take your duvets and pillows outside to air out in the shade. Ideally, clip the corners to a clothesline and let them hang out for a bit.

Use protectors. Pillow protectors, mattress protectors and duvet covers will ensure that dirt, insects and other outdoorsy elements don’t affect your bedding.

Here's to a fabulous, restful summer at the cottage! :)



Hi Ken, If you’re looking to add softness to your mattress, I recommend one of the poly beds. Poly beds are filled with soft microfiber. I would not recommend the feather bed, which is quite firm due to the springy feather quills. Technically, a down-filled topper would be soft and sinky like a poly bed, but we don’t carry that. The feather bed only has a very small layer of down on top, as a buffer against the feather.

Canadian Down & Feather Company January 18, 2021

My existing mattress is a bit firm for comfort and I’m looking for a mattress topper.
I’m leaning towards your down filled mattress topper however your website recommends a micro gel mattresses topper.
I’m confused. Can u help?

Ken Kochar January 18, 2021

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