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I’m glad to read that last comment on the same duvet I bought. Mostly because it was so light, and I haven’t used it yet so I’m worried it won’t be warm enough. But when I wrap it around me just because it’s light doesn’t mean it’s not warm! It’s nice and warm.
So I think I’m going to put it on my bed now instead of waiting till fall!
But I’ve had a great night sleep every night since I got my 850 loft pillow! That was money well spent. I’m thinking I’m gonna buy another one but at 550 loft for a pillow that way it’s a little firmer.

Chris Boxer August 11, 2022

I love my pillow! Been having great sleeps ever since I got it. Haven’t used my duvet yet. Waiting till fall. Still using my old duvet. Getting my moneys worth out of it. Lol

Chris Boxer August 11, 2022

This is such an amazing article. I loved reading this.

Loft Boarding Specialist November 10, 2021

We purchased a Hutterite 850 loft-500 duvet(all season) . I was worried realizing it was so light.
We purposely sleep in a cool room temperature.
It was fantastic. The bedroom was at 15c or 59F. The duvet kept us warm the entire night.
We don’t even wear Chanel no 5 to sleep.
Thank you.

Francois Hummell January 17, 2020

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