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What is Hutterite Down?

March 17, 2020 3 Comments

Say Hello to the Hutterites!

If you are looking to add a bit of luxury to your sleep, a few more Zzz’s to your dreamz, look no further! You can catch up on your binge-worthy show of choice or curl up with your favourite book alongside your new Canadian Hutterite pillows and duvet!

Duvet and pillow surrounded by clouds on a green background

First thing's first! Who are the Hutterites?

The Hutterites are a community of people who live on hundreds of colonies dispersed throughout the prairies of northwestern North America. These rural communities are self-sufficient in raising much of their own food sources much like the Amish and Mennonite communities.

Some of the many Hutterite colonies located in the Alberta prairies raise livestock as a main source of food for their community which includes hogs, cattle, turkey and herds of geese and ducks!

A map of Alberta with duvet and pillow on a purple background

What makes Hutterite-raised geese and ducks so special?

It’s all about fill power!

Hutterite- raised geese and ducks provide high quality feather and down.  Since the Hutterites raise their geese and ducks as a primary source of food, they do not use growth hormones nor over-feed their livestock, but allow these birds to grow to full maturity and they are free to roam in the open landscape of the Northwestern prairies. Talk about living the dream! For this reason, the down and feather by-product tend to be exceptionally longer, fuller, and loftier.

If you are looking for a luxuriously soft pillow and a fluffy, warm duvet that gives you that gentle warm embrace, the Hutterite Collections are just for you! 

How does Canadian Hutterite down compare to Hungarian down or European down?

Loft is the measure of the quality and effectiveness of down, not country of origin! If you're comparing down from two different locations, you can simply compare the loft (the higher the loft, the higher the quality!) 

Jar spilling out down with duvet on turquoise background

We offer 4 collections of Hutterite products:

850 Loft Canadian Hutterite White Goose Down

This collection is comprised of a soft, sinky goose down pillow and a warm goose down duvet. The products in this collection are made in Canada with 850 loft goose down and 500 thread count cotton.

800 Loft Canadian Hutterite White Down

Our newest collection features a luxurious duck down duvet filled with high loft duck down and made in Canada with 500 thread count cotton.

Canadian Hutterite White Goose Down

This collection also contains a squishy goose down pillow and cozy goose down duvet, made in Canada with 700 loft goose down and 400 thread count cotton.

Canadian Hutterite White Down

This collection houses a fluffy duck down duvet made with 700 loft down and 400 thread count cotton. Also in this collection is a 3 chamber duck down and feather pillow. The pillow contains a feather core, which provides firm and resilient support. The core is surrounded by soft 700 loft duck down. All products in this collection are made with care in Canada.

Have questions about our Hutterite products? Contact us for personalized service! :)


Illustrations by Amanda Nguyen

3 Responses

Charlotte Carolina
Charlotte Carolina

January 27, 2020

I bought the 850 Loft Canadian Hutterite White Goose Down duvet. I absolutely love it! I decided on Canadian Down and Feather Company over any other resource due to the fact that this is the only product they produce. Also it was very clear that the product quality is top drawer. I put a substantial weight cotton flannel duvet cover on it. We allow our bedroom to get down to 57 degrees F but I am toasty warm. For warmer weather I will replace the flannel duvet cover with a cotton percale or sateen duvet cover. I love how well the duvet breathes; I am never sweaty.
I would advise noting the dimensions of your duvet, and then looking for duvet covers that are suitably sized, and that have the corner ties. Down duvets are not uniformly sized, nor are duvet covers. For duvets from Canadian Down And Feather Company , I found appropriately sized duvet covers at The Company Store catalog, the Cuddledown catalog, and through a company called Quick Zip.
I cannot overstate the quality of product from Canadian Down and Feather Company. The prices are very fair in light of the quality you are buying.
Many hotels we stay at have feather/down pillows and duvets. I always have to have these products removed from my room because I react to them with allergy symptoms. Most likely they are less expensive, are not correctly processed, not adequately cleaned and may be full of dander and dust. In contrast, I have no allergic reaction to the very good down from Canadian Down And Feather Company. I highly, highly recommend.
Note to the company: I would love to buy a travel sized goose down duvet.

Canadian Down & Feather Company
Canadian Down & Feather Company

October 07, 2019

Hi Pierre,
Most major department stores should have them! Walmart, IKEA, Hudson’s Bay, Amazon, etc.

Pierre Brandelius
Pierre Brandelius

October 07, 2019

Where can I buy cotton duvet covers?

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