Goose vs. Duck

The two most common types of Down & Feather used in natural filled products are Goose and Duck. Goose Down and Feather is more expensive and generally of higher quality than similar Duck Down & Feather, respectively.

One of the major reasons that Goose Down & Feather is more expensive and more sought after, is that it does not have any odour and has slightly better insulating qualities than does Duck Down & Feather. There are some companies that debate this fact, saying that if cleaned properly, Duck Down & Feather does not have any odour. The fact remains, Duck Down & Feather products, even from these companies, tend to have a slight odour. In some cases there may not always be an odour, but if exposed to the slightest bit of moisture or humidity, the odour can be reactivated.

For these reasons, the majority of products manufactured by Canadian Down & Feather Company are created using the highest quality Goose Down & Feather. Duck Down & Feather products may be introduced as a promotional, less expensive, alternative.

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