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True allergies to Down & Feather are, in fact, quite rare. Canadian Down & Feather Company uses only Down & Feather which goes through a rigorous cleaning process and uses a special treatment to render the fill hypo-allergenic.

Some people may be allergic to dust, pollen, and bacteria that resides in down & feather before it is cleaned and sanitized. Unlike products that are not properly sanitized and cleaned, or products from decades ago that may not have had any cleaning process, all Canadian Down & Feather Company products meet and exceed all government and industry standards and regulations. There is still a possibility that individuals may be allergic to dust mites that inhabit bedding products while in use. Using a mite proof protector on new or newly cleaned duvets, pillows, and featherbeds will eliminate most of these problems.

Many people are under the impression that polyester is a better choice than down and feather products for those who suffer from allergies. However, two different studies printed in the British Journal of Medicine have concluded that this is not the case. The studies show that polyester pillows support dust mites to a greater extent than do down pillows. One of the studies went as far as stating that asthmatics did better with down bedding than with polyester.

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