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Quilted White Goose Feather Body Pillow

Sale price$ 95.00 CAD
Quilted White Goose Feather Body Pillow Dimensions
Support Level Size Dimensions Fill Weight
Medium 48" 20" x 48" 85 oz 
60" 20" x 60" 106 oz
SKU: 33564

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Joan Lewis
Top quality

This pillow is of utmost quality! I am a senior with a very bad back and found it to be too heavy for me, but I would still highly recommend this pillow. I will be ordering more pillows from this company as they stand behind their high quality products. If you are looking for a body pillow with great support don’t look any further!

Sarah Hawes
Comfortably being stabbed

For the first month or so that I used this pillow, it was fantastic. Very solid compared to other feather body pillows I've used, and a great, heavy weight compared to cheap memory foam body pillows. I slept great.

What I don't love is the claim to decrease feathers stabbing you in the night with the quilted top layer. About once a week I have to feel all over the pillow and pull out 20-50 feathers that stab me in my sleep. The feathers bulk up at one end, which needs to be fluffed and balanced daily.

I left it at 3 stars because some preliminary searching tells me I can make or buy a pillow protector to help decrease the stabbing, but honestly, I'm being slowly porcupined over here. I feel like a baked potato.

If only I weren't so used to spooning a body pillow.

Hi Sarah, Oh nooo, I'm so sorry to hear this! Just to clarify, neither our quilted or regular feather pillows are expected to leak or have feathers poking out. The quilted layer is meant to make the feather quills on the inside of the pillow less noticeable due to the extra padding. Leakage is uncommon, but we do see it in rare cases. This is definitely covered under warranty, so long as you've used and cared for the product properly. Please submit a warranty claim and we'll follow up about repair or replacement. I have noted your comment about the bunching of feathers at one end - we will take that feedback up with the team. I really appreciate you leaving your thoughts, and hope to hear from you soon! Take care.

Heavy weight

The quality is evident and this is a beautiful product. I am a senior and I found the weight of it was heavy. Not something I could easily move out of the way. It wasn’t suitable for me. I am writing a review because I am so happy with the sincere and effortless return policy. I was able to check out this item and return it postage paid for a full refund. They have confidence in their products.

Best body pillow!

If you've used body pillows in the past, you need to try this one. It's nice and firm with a good weight to it. I love this pillow!