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Dune Duvet Cover

Sale price$130.00 USD Regular price$163.00 USD
Duvet Cover Dimensions
Size Dimensions
Twin 64" x 86" + 2"
Double  78" x 86" + 2"
Queen 88" x 90" + 2"
King  102" x 90" + 2"
 XL Queen  ( California King ) 96" x 98" + 2"
 XL King 110" x 100 + 2"
SKU: 94132

About This Product:

Using a duvet cover helps keep your duvet clean and protect it from wear and tear. (It also eliminates the need for a top sheet!) This duvet cover has been thoughtfully designed to complement and allow for the maximum performance and longevity of Canadian Down & Feather Company duvets.

The dimensions of the cover match those of your CDFC duvet for a precise fit. The cotton fabric is 300 thread count, single-ply, percale weave, which makes for a light, breathable material that can stand up to many washes. The lightweight fabric and gusseted design allow a down or feather duvet to loft up properly without being weighed down. Proper lofting ensures that the fill performs to its full potential.

The convenient 3-sided zipper makes this product easy to use compared to a traditional duvet cover. The anchoring corner snaps couple perfectly with duvet corner loops to keep the duvet in place. Last, but not least, this product is packaged sustainably with recyclable, biodegradable, and water-soluble materials.

This grey is designed to be versatile, and can read more taupe or more silver depending on its surroundings. 


  • Box Edge Construction: 2” gusseted edge allows the duvet to loft to its full potential
  • 300 Thread Count Percale: 300 thread count percale weave provides the optimal balance of light weight and durability
  • 100% Cotton: Fine cotton allows the duvet to breathe
  • Corner Snap Ribbons: Snaps in all 4 corners to fasten and anchor the duvet in place
  • 3-Sided Zipper Closure: Zipper on 3 sides for quick and simple duvet insertion
  • Easy Care: May machine wash and dry regularly
  • Guaranteed Quality: Guaranteed against manufacturing defects for 1 Year
  • This product was tested for harmful substances and certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 VC025 232673 TESTEX
  • Imported

Questions & Answers

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  • Good Morning, I ordered a King Duvet, and a King cover, will the cover fit the duvet correctly? Thank-you

    Yes! Our duvet covers were designed to fit our duvets perfectly :)

  • I bought a king duvet (96’’ x 108’’). What is the dimension I need to order for a cover? king or XL King?

    Neither our King or XL King are ideal for that size, but you'll be best off with the XL King, because it's within 2" on each side of the duvet's dimensions. The King size will likely be a bit too small and the duvet may not lie flat in the cover. Given that the XL King cover is a tad big, I hope the duvet has corner loops so that the cover's snap ribbons can attach to it and hold it in place!

  • Any chance that you will offer additional colors soon, particularly darker gray?

    We will definitely be adding more colours over time. I'm not sure that another grey is in the short-term plans, but we will definitely make note of your request! We've chosen this for our grey as we find it to be extremely versatile!

  • I have a 90”x90” duvet, so need a 92”x92” cover, do you have one?

    We don't have 92x92, I'm afraid. Our covers have been designed to fit our duvets precisely. Our Queen duvet cover is 88" x 90", and would fit your duvet well! The 2" variance on the one side will not be noticeable.

  • What are the measurements of the king size duvet cover?

    Our duvet covers are meant to fit the size of our duvets so it is 102" x 90"! You can see all sizes listed under the 'Dimensions' tab.

  • Do the covers need to be ironed after washing? Does the cotton wrinkle as it is 100% cotton?

    You certainly can press the cover on low if you like a no-wrinkle look! 100% cotton does wrinkle a bit after washing, and most people prefer the look of some gentle, natural wrinkling.